Lee- 124 Kristie lee photographer pashprofile  Kristie Lee Photographer gussyKristie lee Photographer Ollie & GusLee- 043 Kristielee PhotographerLee- 127 Kristieleephotographerdogs and the city kristie lee photographer gussy

I first met Gussy and Oliver 2 years ago when the whole family came into the studio for a portrait shoot. Oliver was only 6 months old and Gussy had a partner in crime called “Penny”. Penny who was also a Boston Terrier was a quiet a bit older than Gussy and unfortunately passed away a few weeks before we got to update their family portraits this year. Of corse Penny is terribly missed by everyone and we all felt her absence on the day of the shoot, but thankfully we captured some amazing images of her, Oliver and Gussy the time before. The bond between Oliver and Gussy is stronger than ever. As you can see from these images, they are best of buds. Oliver’s first word was not Mummy, but Gussy. They love Chasing each other around the yard, playing tug”o”war with toys.
As always, my heart just melts when I see how much love there is between a child and their dog.

Me & My precious old pals

Sally 2 copyKristie lee photographer 01Kristie lee photographer 02Kristie Lee & Gemma 2 copyKristie lee photographer 05Kristie lee photographer 04Kristie lee & gemma tiger copyKristie lee photographer 03Kristie lee & gemma beach

Photo credits: Sandy Ferris aka my Mum….

This week I wanted to share my precious pet portraits from childhood and show how important these images are to me.
Being home in Sydney this month has given me the chance to go through all my old photo albums and remember how much I loved and treasure each one of these furry friends. Being an only child, Sally & Gemma and Tiger were my playmates and my confidants at times. Looking at all of these beautiful images caught on film forever, it fills my heart with love and joy as I remember the special connection I had with each one of them. This makes me even more passionate about wanting to capture and document the unique relationships we have with our pets. I don’t remember them as just animals, I remember them as living beings, I remember them as friends, I remember their soul and the gift of unconditional love they gave to me.


cookie- 231 kristieleephotographer 2Cookie profile  Kristie Lee Photographercookie- 015 kristieleephotographer 1cookie LB kristieleephotographer 333cookie- 281 b&w kristieleephotographercookie- 079 kristileephotographercookie- 056 kristieleephotographer 1cookie- 312 kristieleephotographerCookie & Sue dogs and the city kristie lee photographer

Miss Cookie Bryce, was always going to be one of the most photographed puppies around. Between her Mother and several of her Aunties being photographers, she has one of the most extensive portfolios at the age of 5 months. I really wanted to be able to capture all the different personalities Cookie has and the relationship her and Sue have. I think it is obvious in these images how much joy she has bought to Sue’s life, just by being her.

There really are 3 different Cookie’s…

There is the sweet smoochie, moochie, loving Cookie, that can’t get enough cuddles.
There is the little old lady pug, who potters around the house, helping Mummy with all her jobs. Very busy pug!
Then there is the completely crazy, relentless, mental were-rabbit that appears every evening from 6pm onwards, who runs around the place at top speed, only stopping if she manages to catch her little curly piglet tail or passes out from exhaustion.

Yes, I might be slightly obsessed with this little pug, but she really does have an amazing presence and just brings love and laughter to anyone she meets.

Sue & Cookie Bryce

Cookie & Sue 002 Kristielee 3.3 low
As I pack up and get ready to leave Los Angeles, I am so thankful for the time I have had here in LA, visiting and photographing my dear friend Sue and her beautiful little baby girl Cookie. I can’t believe it was only last Christmas, in Seattle when Sue said to me, “I need a fur baby to love” and me being the crazy dog lover I am, got super excited and with in 2 minutes I had found a litter of 6 beautiful black pugs ready to go to loving homes in the new year.
This little girl was definitely the pick of the litter, half the size of her big boofy brothers, she is not only ridiculously cute, but incredibly smart, loving and just the right amount of crazy too. This is just one of the images I took here in LA, on Hollywood Boulevard of the girls.
I can’t wait to blog the rest of the images next week, with Cookie’s personal profile of likes, loves and cheeky habits etc….
I am going miss the morning cuddles with this little squishy faced love pug the most.

Misty & Sebastian

0Z6H9677 copyMisty profile  Kristie Lee PhotographerSebastian profile  Kristie Lee PhotographerM&S- 046 20x16M&S- 110 20x16M&S- 085-111dogs and the city kristie lee photographer Misty & Seb
Misty and Sebastian luckily landed with a wonderful animal loving family on the upper east side of New York. Both were initially only going to be fostered temporarily with this kind family, already with 2 cats and the occasional injured pigeon as well. Then of course once each dog was there, no one could imagine them not being there forever. Sebastian is a Mommy’s boy and loves cuddles, snuggles and pats, he would sleep all day under the blankets if he could. Misty also loves sleeping in bed, preferably having her belly rubbed at the same time. This odd couple now have a happy story to tell and lots of love to give.

Peanut & Cornflower

C&P- 017-009Peanut profile  Kristie Lee PhotographerC&P- 074Cornflower profile  Kristie Lee PhotographerC&P- 092C&P- 119C&P- 106

These two little rescue puppies Peanut and Cornflower are cousin and love having play dates and visiting each other.
Peanut loves to travel, she loves riding the subway in her carry-on bag, going on road trips and staying in pet-friendly hotels.
Cornflower can be shy, but she loves cuddling her humans and her cousin Peanut, she also loves the dog park and other dogs.
I love seeing sweet little dogs like these two getting a second change at life, with wonderful caring people. It warms my heart!

Cotton Candy

Cot- 009 kristieleephotographer cosmoprofile  Kristie Lee Photographer cotton CandyCot- 235 JaneCot- 124 kristieleephotographer cosmoCC- 145 Kristielee photographer cosmoCot- 106 kristieleephotographer cosmoCot- 171 kristieleephotographer cosmodogs and the city kristie lee photographer cotton Candy

This gorgeous little fluff ball is Miss Cotton Candy. She got her name for obvious reasons, being so sweet and fluffy is definitely what makes her so cute and lovable. The fact that she is so small, makes it easy to hide her where ever you go. She is happy to sleep in a bag, for an entire meal at a restaurant, she will sit in a backpack on a train or a bus for as long as it takes to go somewhere. She will make no fuss at all, when her Mum wants her to dress up like a princess, cowgirl or even in a cat costume somedays. Cotton Candy will just about do anything for a cheese treat, she spends most of the day following her grandmother around the house up on her hind legs, begging with her little furry paws in the air, as seen in the video clip. How could you resist that? Really!


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