Miss Piggy & Pals

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Miss Piggy has put up with a lot over her nine years. She has faced multiple cancer scares and surgeries and has conquered them all like the strong girl she is.
The scars make her tough, but she always keeps her amazing spirit! AND after all of that, she still loves going to vet for all of the attention. Piggy also puts up with a lot from her Mummy who thinks it’s funny to dress her up at Halloween. She’s been Minnie Mouse, Little Red Riding Hood, Super Piggy, a jester, a Playboy Bunny, a biker chick and a judge. I wonder what she will be this year. Piggy and her Mommy have been fostering a Mumma pug that was rescued from a hoarding situation with a litter of pups. Most of the pups have found their forever homes already, except for little Miss Sassy here, sassy is her temporary name that has just stuck because of her VERY sassy nature. Sassy is now 3 months old and is still waiting for a home, just like her Mumma. Mumma pug is such a sweet gentle lady, very quiet and no fuss at all, she has really started to come out of her shell since having her babies and being in a loving foster home with Piggy. Mumma has even begun playing with Piggy and Sassy, just like a normal dog should. It would be so great if they could stay together and find a forever home that would continue to nurture and give love just like her wonderful foster family has done. If you know anyone that could be a good fit for these two black beauties, please feel free to share and get the word out there, that they are ready to love and be loved by someone special.


Qui- 189 B&WRusty profile Kristie Lee PhotographerQui- 259-262 loveQui- 254Rusty SD Kristieleephotographer cropRusty dogs and the city kristie lee photographer
This handsome blonde boy is Rusty and he is sweet, playful, loving and even a bit cheeky too. Rusty was desperately wanted by Sarah the second youngest of the 4 girls in his family. She picked him out of the litter and waited till he was old enough to come home. After 2 weeks of sleepless nights she sold him back to her dad for $1 and he has been dad’s boy ever since. He also gets along great with his 3 cat siblings and loves walks on the beach with his dad. Though Rusty does have a slight Kleptomaniac issue, he tends to collect shoes, bra’s and even underwear from everyones bedrooms. Then he leaves the items out on display, waiting till someone discovers him, because he loves being chased around the house. He really is just a big ute fluff ball of happiness.


Bea- 078profile  Kristie Lee Photographer BeauBea- 087Bea- 262dogs and the city kristie lee photographer Beau
This little man is Beau and he really is the sweetest little pup. He is one on the most well behaved puppies I have ever met, seriously chilled.
I met him at the Dogue Manly store and the first thing that made me absolutely fall in love with him was his but wiggling. It wiggles when you say hello,
it wiggles when he gets a treat, basically it wiggles every time he is excited. He was the perfect model, we took him down to Kirribilli to get all the iconic Sydney harbor backgrounds and he just sat and posed like he did that kind of thing every day. Though he did take bit of convincing to keep walking around, as he is not a fan of walking in general. After meeting Beau I am seriously leaning towards getting a Frenchie now.

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So Long Sydney

Beau Sydney Kristie Lee Photographer
As I pack up AGAIN and prepare to leave Sydney today, I feel so grateful to have such amazing friends and family here in this stunning city of Sydney.
I have loved spending time with everyone and photographing lots of new people and puppies, like this beautiful little baby boy Beau. Also I get such a buzz out of shooting many of my past clients here, it is such an honor to see and capture your families as they grow. It is to say goodbye to loved ones, but I am excited to keep moving forward and finding new furry friends to photograph in new cities. Farewell Sydney!

Cotton Candy…………Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Cotton Candy Kristie lee photographer 1Cotton Candy Kristie lee photographer 3Cotton Candy Kristie lee photographer 4Cotton Candy Kristie lee photographer 5Cotton Candy Kristie lee photographer 2

I am in Hong Kong again this week and I am finally be able to share a sneak peak from Cotton Candy’s latest collection.
I shot this look book for her back in April and now we are delighted to be seeing it on the catwalks at Hong Kong’s fashion week.
From simple inspired head wear, to really pushing the boundaries and totally metamorphosing into whole other species, Cotton Candy’s new collection does not disappoint. Even though some critics said they were hoping to see more updated styles from her eye wear collection, most dogs agree that her classic simple frames are timeless and love that she has stayed true to her brand. In this latests ready to wear collection, Cotton Candy insists on modeling each outfit herself. To show that even with extra fur than most, the garments still look chic and is totally on trend.

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Sto- 188 kristielee photographerprofile Mason Kristie Lee PhotographerSto- 156 kristielee photographerSto- 196 kristielee photographerdogs and the city kristie lee photographer MasonMason & Bonnie kristielee photographer
Above: Mason and Bonnie back in 2001

This beautiful old boy is Mason, he and his sister Bonnie were the first ever dog portrait session I was asked to do, back in 2001.
13 years has passed and sadly we lost Bonnie to cancer, but Mason is still going strong. He may be a bit slower and sleep a lot more than before, but he is still just as handsome, plus sweet, patient, loving and cuddly. It is an honour and I feel extremely blessed to have captured Mason’s youth on film all those years ago and now again as he matures and slows down, his face may be grey, but his heart is pure gold, there is no shame in growing old!


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