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So Long Sydney

Beau Sydney Kristie Lee Photographer
As I pack up AGAIN a prepare to leave Sydney today, I feel so grateful to have such amazing friends and family here in this stunning city of Sydney.
I have loved spending time with everyone and photographing lots of new people and puppies, like this beautiful little baby boy Beau. Also I get such a buzz out of shooting many of my past clients here, it is such an honor to see and capture your families as they grow. It is to say goodbye to loved ones, but I am excited to keep moving forward and finding new furry friends to photograph in new cities. Farewell Sydney!

Cotton Candy…………Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Cotton Candy Kristie lee photographer 1Cotton Candy Kristie lee photographer 3Cotton Candy Kristie lee photographer 4Cotton Candy Kristie lee photographer 5Cotton Candy Kristie lee photographer 2

I am in Hong Kong again this week and I am finally be able to share a sneak peak from Cotton Candy’s latest collection.
I shot this look book for her back in April and now we are delighted to be seeing it on the catwalks at Hong Kong’s fashion week.
From simple inspired head wear, to really pushing the boundaries and totally metamorphosing into whole other species, Cotton Candy’s new collection does not disappoint. Even though some critics said they were hoping to see more updated styles from her eye wear collection, most dogs agree that her classic simple frames are timeless and love that she has stayed true to her brand. In this latests ready to wear collection, Cotton Candy insists on modeling each outfit herself. To show that even with extra fur than most, the garments still look chic and is totally on trend.

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Sto- 188 kristielee photographerprofile Mason Kristie Lee PhotographerSto- 156 kristielee photographerSto- 196 kristielee photographerdogs and the city kristie lee photographer MasonMason & Bonnie kristielee photographer
Above: Mason and Bonnie back in 2001

This beautiful old boy is Mason, he and his sister Bonnie were the first ever dog portrait session I was asked to do, back in 2001.
13 years has passed and sadly we lost Bonnie to cancer, but Mason is still going strong. He may be a bit slower and sleep a lot more than before, but he is still just as handsome, plus sweet, patient, loving and cuddly. It is an honour and I feel extremely blessed to have captured Mason’s youth on film all those years ago and now again as he matures and slows down, his face may be grey, but his heart is pure gold, there is no shame in growing old!

Dogue Dogs

Dogue 001 Kristie lee photographerDogue dogs KristieleephotographerDogue- 060 Kristieleephotographer cDogue- 095 Kristie lee photographer copyDogue- 078 KristieleephotographerKristieleephotographer

I have been doing a special project with Dogue “Manly” for the last few weeks and every time I am there I fall in love with every single one of the pups.
They all have a unique story and come from different backgrounds. There is Bella, the black puggle, who looks like quite a mature lady, with a salt and pepper coat.
Though she is only 5 years old and actually turned almost grey over night from a traumatic experience. There is baby Beau the 5 month old French bulldog who can not control his booty wiggling, it has a mind of it’s own and is ridiculously gorgeous. I could go on and on about each of these fur babies and the wonderful people at Dogue,
but for now I just want to share some images of the sweet furry faces that belong to the Dogue family at Manly. Enjoy!


Lee- 124 Kristie lee photographer pashprofile  Kristie Lee Photographer gussyKristie lee Photographer Ollie & GusLee- 043 Kristielee PhotographerLee- 127 Kristieleephotographerdogs and the city kristie lee photographer gussy

I first met Gussy and Oliver 2 years ago when the whole family came into the studio for a portrait shoot. Oliver was only 6 months old and Gussy had a partner in crime called “Penny”. Penny who was also a Boston Terrier was a quiet a bit older than Gussy and unfortunately passed away a few weeks before we got to update their family portraits this year. Of corse Penny is terribly missed by everyone and we all felt her absence on the day of the shoot, but thankfully we captured some amazing images of her, Oliver and Gussy the time before. The bond between Oliver and Gussy is stronger than ever. As you can see from these images, they are best of buds. Oliver’s first word was not Mummy, but Gussy. They love Chasing each other around the yard, playing tug”o”war with toys.
As always, my heart just melts when I see how much love there is between a child and their dog.

Me & My precious old pals

Sally 2 copyKristie lee photographer 01Kristie lee photographer 02Kristie Lee & Gemma 2 copyKristie lee photographer 05Kristie lee photographer 04Kristie lee & gemma tiger copyKristie lee photographer 03Kristie lee & gemma beach

Photo credits: Sandy Ferris aka my Mum….

This week I wanted to share my precious pet portraits from childhood and show how important these images are to me.
Being home in Sydney this month has given me the chance to go through all my old photo albums and remember how much I loved and treasure each one of these furry friends. Being an only child, Sally & Gemma and Tiger were my playmates and my confidants at times. Looking at all of these beautiful images caught on film forever, it fills my heart with love and joy as I remember the special connection I had with each one of them. This makes me even more passionate about wanting to capture and document the unique relationships we have with our pets. I don’t remember them as just animals, I remember them as living beings, I remember them as friends, I remember their soul and the gift of unconditional love they gave to me.


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