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He was so fun to photograph, he constantly made me laugh every time I went to take a shot, it was head down bottom up, ready to play.

Affenpincher is a German and French breed and it means Monkey terrier in German, or in France  commonly called ‘Diablotin Moustachu’ the moustached little devil.

They don’t shed and are generally Fun-loving, Curious, Adventurous, Playful, Active and in Leroy’s case VERY cheeky and extremely talented at performing tricks.

His favorite tricks are stand, sit, lay, rollover, speak, paw and he is currently working on jumping through hoops. Seriously.

The perfect little apartment puppy for city living and puppy cuddles.

4 Comments on “Leroy

  1. Great photo’s. Leroy certainly matches your beautiful photography Kristie Lee.

  2. leroy aaahhhh sssoooo cute. awesome photos kristy i look forward to seeiing more

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