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O04A6073 Odin kristie_lee_photographerO04A5906 Odin kristie_lee_photographerO04A6037 Odin kristie_lee_photographerOdin dogs_and_the_city kristie_lee_photographer

This little boy was found on a pet rescue website, he originally started life in Philadelphia, but was adopted by Stacy and Gerardo and came to live in Brooklyn. He spends his days going to dog parks and dog friendly bars, sharing his cuteness around town. The only time Odin stops smiling is when he sleeps. He is also a really fast learner, Odin learned to find a seat in within 2 hours of training. This is something they teach a 1 year old Guide Dog to do for a vision impaired person. He is about to make an other bg move with his humans and set up a new life in London, where I am sure he will continue to spread love and smiles around that city too.


Billy & Banjo

O04A1682Billy profile dogs_and_the_city kristie_lee_photographer Charlie.jpg2. Billy 9 up kristie_lee_photographer royal silverO04A1518Banjo profile dogs_and_the_city kristie_lee_photographer Charlie.jpg1. Banjo 9 up kristie_lee_photographer

Brothers Billy and Banjo live a charmed life, along with their 2 cat siblings, Freddie and Francesca. Banjo spends most of his day floating around the pool on his blow up raft, barking commands at anyone who will play with him. His favorite game might be fetch, but he also loves having the water gun fired at him, while in the pool. As well as being water obsessed, he loves entertaining, with circus tricks. He can stand on his hind legs, talk back and give high fives. Billy being the younger of the 2, relies on his cheeky, toothy, underbite grin to get what he wants. No one can resist those puppy dog eyes and anyone who meets him. falls in love instantly. Including me! ❤


13 love kristie_lee_photographer.

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Baby Chief is the right amount of cheeky and chilled, he loves playing with other pups and having chats on the couch. Chief is a crowd stopper and people always comment on his lion like walk. Can’t wait to see this beautiful baby grow into those big paws of his.


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mako dogs_and_the_city kristie_lee_photographer

Mako was named after the Mako shark, because of the super sharp teeth he had as a puppy. Being the youngest of 3 kids, he is a bit of a mummy’s boy and tends to go sulk, when everyone gets ready to go to school. He can be a bit bossy and has given himself the job as “hall monitor” and won’t allow ANYONE to run up or down the hallway for some reason. If one of the kids even thinks about running, he starts barking and chasing them, telling them to stop. Mako has 2 best friends, number one is Pip, his next door neighbor (chihuahua 4 years), they share bones and love jumping on the trampoline together. Then there is Rosie ( Whippet 2 years) and they love running on the beach and digging holes to China. Mr Mako has slotted extremely well, into the Newland household and has a unique relationship, with every member of the family.


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Tank dogs_and_the_city kristie_lee_photographer

Tank is one of the most amazing dogs I have ever met, beside being really really really ridiculously good looking, his sole purpose in life is to keep his owner, Amy, alive.

He was trained in Las Vegas by the the US Diabetic Alert Dogs of America. He is able to detect when Amy’s blood sugar levels drop too low or become to high. Twenty four hours a day, 7 days a week, Tank will alert Amy with a gentle tap to the belly. Even in the middle of the night he will stand over her and boop her in the face to wake up. He is far more accurate than any machine and has saved her life hundreds, if not thousands of times over the last 2 years. Thanks to Tank Amy has been able to have Ella and now there’s another little sister on the way.

Tank is also a typical 3 year old pup who loves going for walks, cuddles on the couch and playing with little sister. He is a very patient loving big brother to Ella, even though they sometimes argue over toys. Tank also has a security blanky, that he will bring to the door when you arrive, which you can look at, but don’t touch.

With the most soulful beautiful eyes, that draw you in and his unusual coloring everyone stops on the street to ask what breed he is. He often gets mistaken for a Weimaraner because of the his silver fur.

All in all, I would have to say my favorite thing about Tank is that bottom lip. It’s so human like and when he pouts it’s next level cute.