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Mav the Cav, is sweet, loving and mischievous in all the right ways. I first met him at the Puppy Bowl I photographed in Chelsea and I knew he was special straight away. He also so has special, kind and big hearted humans Ally and Scott.

Ally said, ” We finally decided to get a dog because we wanted to be able to do Therapy Dog work with them. My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and will eventually need more care and I read about how much Therapy Dog’s can help these patients. We searched everywhere for the right pup and that’s how we found Maverick!! Now that he just turned one we will be taking the therapy dog test in a few weeks. We will volunteer in hospitals in NYC until the time comes when my dad needs Maverick’s love all for himself. He babysits Mav now and they already have this special bond. That’s the greatest thing about Maverick is his ability to love people instantly and bring joy to their hearts, getting him was the best decision my husband and I ever made.” He also gives amazing cuddles! ❤


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So this week I started a new part-time job as a Dog Nanny to this little Gremlin called Typo. She arrived from the south 2 weeks ago and has had a hard time adjusting to city life. She wont walk on a leash and when left alone, she will bark and cry till you return. So thats where my professional puppy patting and cuddling skills come in. She is very sweet and more than happy to hangout with my while I work. Though she can be a bit bossy and demanding always telling me when she needs something, like cuddles, pats, ear rubs, belly rubs and more. Of corse I am happy to oblige with all these demands. ❤


Happy Easter

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Happy Easter!








This big, beautiful, blue eyed baby is Samson.

Samson is a biblical name synonymous with Herculean strength and derives from “Sun” in Hebrew. It only seemed fitting as my Samson is going to grow up to be 150+ lbs and he lights up a room.

He has absolutely no idea how big he is! He constantly trips over his own paws and runs into things because he thinks he’s smaller. He’s also very clumsy and slips and slides all over the floor, it’s adorable.

Samson’s is the laziest bones imaginable, he loves to cuddle and nap constantly! He is also very sassy and not afraid to tell you off, if you are annoying him. During the shoot we had to move him around while napping and he was not impressed with being disturbed at all. He grumbles and grown’s at any interruptions.

I can’t wait to see him grow into and gangley teenager, with long limbs.

Maximus the Great


Meet the Breeds 2016

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Another great year at ACK Meet the Breeds show in New York City.