Teddy Bear Sea Boy

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Teddy Bear dogs_and_the_city kristie_lee_photographer

I met Mr Teddy Bear Sea Boy in Provincetown, Cape Cod Massachusetts. He works in an amazing Estate Jewelry store, called “September Morn” on Commercial Street in P town. It’s his 2nd season at the store and he loves meeting all the people that visit the store throughout the summer. Teddy got his full name “Teddy Bear Sea Boy” by being a lucky boy that lives on the beach and because he also loves to sit and watch the waves with his owner Ronnie. They also have a little gratitude bench they sit on daily and think about what they are grateful for and they always send out positive thoughts and love to all.


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profile dogs_and_the_city kristie_lee_photographer Maverick

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dogs_and_the_city kristie_lee_photographer maverick

Mr Maverick traveled all the way down from Delaware for his photo shoot in Central Park. He was adopted by Geoff and Brandi at 7 weeks old, to help heal their broken hearts after loosing their precious Pug to old age, very recently. His constant happy personality and and wagging tail brings so much joy to them and everyone he meets.

He is a such a baby in so many ways, he loves to bite toes and get ups to typical puppy mischief. He even fell asleep during our portrait session and when he yawns, he shakes his head from side to side and whistles.  Soooooo CUTE!

SoCares Rescue

The socares bunch 2

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The power of a portrait… Photography is a powerful tool. A good photo documents, explains, entices, incriminates, inspires, and even has the power to saves lives.

It’s not easy seeing these beautiful, innocent creatures caged in underfunded, understaffed conditions and knowing the stories of how they ended up here. Its physically hard and emotionally hard to be able to capture their true personalities in such a short amount of time, but it’s not about me or my emotions and challenges. It’s about giving each of these special dogs a better chance at finding loving homes. Its about doing what we can to make sure any kind of abuse or neglect will never EVER happen again. I am always blown away by a dogs capacity to love humans the way they do, even after they were not shown the same kindness. Its such an admirable trait they have to love unconditionally, all animals deserve to be protected and cared for.

Within 2 weeks of these images being posted on social media, 7 out the 12 were adopted and a few went to breed specific rescue shelters. So all the sad feeling and occasional tears are totally worth it.

Please consider donating what you can to a local rescue, that you are passionate about, whether its with time, talents, money or food, blankets, towels and beds.

” The kindness one does for one animal may not change the world,… but it WILL change the world of that one animal.”



kristie_lee_photographer Profile Charlie

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dogs_and_the_city kristie_lee_photographer Charlie

This big beautiful boy is only 6 months and will probably end up weighing around 170 pounds. Newfoundlands were originally bred and used as working dog for fishermen in the Dominion of Newfoundland. Newfoundland dogs excel at water rescue / lifesaving because of their muscular build, thick double coat, webbed feet, and innate swimming abilities. So it’s no surprise that Charlie is obsessed with the water already. He loves going to the beach and even tries swimming in the comunal water bowl at the dog park.




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Gussy profile kristie-lee-photographer

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Gussy dogs and the city kristie-lee-photographer

This is the 4 th time I have photographed Gussy and his family. I first met him when he came to the studio in 2010, with is older Boston Terrier sister Penny and younger human brother Oli. He now also has a younger human sister called Maddy, who he loves just as madly. It has been a joy and privilege to capture the Lee family over the years. Sadly Penny has passed away, but seeing the kids grow and Gussy get grumpier and grayer, over the years, is what I love the most about being a portrait photographer.



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Pepper profile Kristie_lee_photographer

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Miss Pepper, only arrived 1 week ago and already LOVES her family fiercely. She chases the kids around the house, steals their toys and then snuggles up on the couch for cuddles when she tired. This little girl is the right amount of cheeky and sweet. ❤