Baby Boru is already 40 pounds at only 3 months. He comes from a long line of show dog champions and is the grandson of Guinness, a black Wolfhound the family owned before Boru. Guinness weighed 180 pounds fully grown. So we think Boru will get that big as well, if not bigger. Boru will most likely loose the dark hairs he has, including the funky Mohawk I am obsessed with. He is super affectionate and wanted to stop for cuddle breaks a few times during his shoot. Then fell on to a heap on the floor once he had had enough!

I can’t wait to see this beautiful boy grow into a campion next year.


2 Comments on “BORU

  1. I love getting notifications for your new posts, Kristie!

    Boru is absolutely adorable – he looks so mischievous in the second picture 🙂

    /Adam Baker – The Doggy Institute

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