Yolanda & Andrew

I first photographed these two back in 2015, when Andrew rescued  Yoli from a Brooklyn shelter. Now 4 years on she has grown into that strong Brooklyn lady name that Andrew gave her, so she would  fit in both the Polish and Puerto Rican neighbourhoods they live between. She still has all her little quirks that makes her Yolanda, plus a few new ones….

New York Workshop October 2019 “Posing People & Pets”

What a privilege it was to teach this wonderful workshop in New York this fall. I have always taught my pet photography workshops in a studio. This time I wanted to do a workshop on location and use the grungy streets of Brooklyn and the beautiful Autumn leaves of Central park, as the backdrops. I created a posing guide for photographers to use as…


Meet my Nephew “Nixon”! He is a massive sook and a bit of a goofball. He is a sweet, cuddly boy, who loves to sit on laps, all 70 pound of him. Nixy was hit by a car when he was 2 years old and broke both his front legs. After lots of $$$ and care, he made a full recovery and was left…




This little boy was found on a pet rescue website, he originally started life in Philadelphia, but was adopted by Stacy and Gerardo and came to live in Brooklyn. He spends his days going to dog parks and dog friendly bars, sharing his cuteness around town. The only time Odin stops smiling is when he sleeps. He is also a really fast learner, Odin…

Billy & Banjo

Brothers Billy and Banjo live a charmed life, along with their 2 cat siblings, Freddie and Francesca. Banjo spends most of his day floating around the pool on his blow up raft, barking commands at anyone who will play with him. His favorite game might be fetch, but he also loves having the water gun fired at him, while in the pool. As well…


Baby Chief is the right amount of cheeky and chilled, he loves playing with other pups and having chats on the couch. Chief is a crowd stopper and people always comment on his lion like walk. Can’t wait to see this beautiful baby grow into those big paws of his.


Mako was named after the Mako shark, because of the super sharp teeth he had as a puppy. Being the youngest of 3 kids, he is a bit of a mummy’s boy and tends to go sulk, when everyone gets ready to go to school. He can be a bit bossy and has given himself the job as “hall monitor” and won’t allow ANYONE…


Tank is one of the most amazing dogs I have ever met, beside being really really really ridiculously good looking, his sole purpose in life is to keep his owner, Amy, alive. He was trained in Las Vegas by the the US Diabetic Alert Dogs of America. He is able to detect when Amy’s blood sugar levels drop too low or become to high….