New York Workshop October 2019 “Posing People & Pets”

O04A3041 Rigsby kristie_lee_photographer.jpg copyO04A3179 Rigsby kristie_lee_photographer copyO04A3122 Rigsby kristie_lee_photographer copyRigsby 1 kristie_lee_photographerO04A3134 Rigsby kristie_lee_photographer copyO04A3164 Clover kristie_lee_photographer copyCover 3 kristie_lee_photographerO04A3247 Nina kristie_lee_photographer. copyNina & Disi kristie_lee_photographerO04A3230 Nina kristie_lee_photographer. copyO04A3305 Mia kristie_lee_photographer copyO04A3307 Mia kristie_lee_photographer copy

What a privilege it was to teach this wonderful workshop in New York this fall. I have always taught my pet photography workshops in a studio. This time I wanted to do a workshop on location and use the grungy streets of Brooklyn and the beautiful Autumn leaves of Central park, as the backdrops. I created a posing guide for photographers to use as a reference, when posing pets and people together. As I love being able use the environment as inspiration and capture love and special bond animals have with their owners. By using fashion, architecture and the cities backgrounds, we can create special portraits to treasure forever. -Kristie ❤

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