Yolanda & Andrew

O04A1823 Yolanda 2 2Yolanda profile dogs_and_the_city kristie_lee_photographer Charlie.jpg 2Anrew _Yolanda 4 up 2O04A1982 Yolanda 3O04A1720 Yolanda 2Yolanda dogs_and_the_city kristie_lee_photographer

I first photographed these two back in 2015, when Andrew rescued  Yoli from a Brooklyn shelter. Now 4 years on she has grown into that strong Brooklyn lady name that Andrew gave her, so she would  fit in both the Polish and Puerto Rican neighbourhoods they live between. She still has all her little quirks that makes her Yolanda, plus a few new ones. It was a pleasure to be able to capture them in their hood and favourite places to hang out.

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