SoCares Rescue

The socares bunch 2

kristie_lee_photographer socares 1

kristie_lee_photographer socares 3

kristie_lee_photographer socares 2

kristie_lee_photographer socares 4

Socares faces 12 up kristie_lee_photographer

The power of a portrait… Photography is a powerful tool. A good photo documents, explains, entices, incriminates, inspires, and even has the power to saves lives.

It’s not easy seeing these beautiful, innocent creatures caged in underfunded, understaffed conditions and knowing the stories of how they ended up here. Its physically hard and emotionally hard to be able to capture their true personalities in such a short amount of time, but it’s not about me or my emotions and challenges. It’s about giving each of these special dogs a better chance at finding loving homes. Its about doing what we can to make sure any kind of abuse or neglect will never EVER happen again. I am always blown away by a dogs capacity to love humans the way they do, even after they were not shown the same kindness. Its such an admirable trait they have to love unconditionally, all animals deserve to be protected and cared for.

Within 2 weeks of these images being posted on social media, 7 out the 12 were adopted and a few went to breed specific rescue shelters. So all the sad feeling and occasional tears are totally worth it.

Please consider donating what you can to a local rescue, that you are passionate about, whether its with time, talents, money or food, blankets, towels and beds.

” The kindness one does for one animal may not change the world,… but it WILL change the world of that one animal.”


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