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Tug in motion
So the name says it all in this beautiful big Bulldogs case “TUGBOAT”
Tug is the unofficial dog mayor of the building he lives in on East 57th street, he resides there with his caretaker Janet.
The name Tugboat was borrow from a friend of Janet’s in Chicago, one could not think of more perfect name for the lovable, strong and steadfast honorary guard dog of the building. As he sits in front of the building watching the world pass one can only smile.
Surprisingly Tugboat has an unusual diet, he does not favor his pound of meat, but prefers pumpkin, cheese, ice-cream and pretzels, he never met a dairy product he did not like. He has a few other cheeky habits besides running off with the roll of toilet paper, occasionally dives into the cupboard and runs off with a shoe and he can also be very frisky at times and gets very over excited in fact we had to cut our shoot short as it can be dangerous for Tug to get to excited and over heated, because he was born with a smaller trachea than usual and he sometimes has difficulty breathing. So summer can be hard for this big guy, though he still manages to get out and about and keep a eye on his neighborhood.


Askur-007 sushiGrey background AskurAskur-003 sushiAskur-006 sushiAskur-005Kristie Lee Photograher 110Z6H1149 copy
Askur the pug in motion
Introducing King Askur…born in Delhi India 2008, the name “Askur” originates from Iceland, it s said that in Nordic mythology Askur was the first man on earth.
Now this little pug dog certainly believes his is special and rules his palace here on the East river in New York City.
He was so wonderful to photograph, I nearly dropped the camera multiple times from laughing at him being so regal in his castle and then when we went to the park it was no different, he sat down looking around like he was ruler of the park so uninterested at passers by.
He even has multiple thrones around the house in every room, mini couches, leopard print beds, stools and the finest woven cushions to lay his little squashed head upon…ha ha ha
My first dog was a pug cross mini foxy “Sally” and she was just the same, they may be small dogs but they have really BIG personalities. So cute!

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So as you may now know, I am slightly obsessed with dogs and not only do I photograph dogs as a job, but I do it for fun too.

This Instagram collage of iphone photos is from the streets of New York in the last few weeks.

I love meeting new people and new dogs, I spend a part of my day out and about walking the the streets and Avenues of NYC, talking to dogs and their owners.

I don’t always have my big canon camera with me while out walking, so my iphone is my 2nd best tool I have.

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Also I am putting together a exhibition of the dogs I meet in the city, so be sure to contact me if you and you’re dog would like to be apart of this.


Lucy & Wilbur

Lulu- 037Black lucy blurbLulu- 062 B&W 15x9Black wilour blurb copyLulu- 104Lulu- 088 copyKLP.com grey


Lucy and Wilbur are step brother and sister, they came to live together when Lucy’s mum moved in with Wilbur’s dad a few years ago and now they are best friends.

Before they lived together, Wilbur went missing for 2 days, then he turned up at Lucy’s house, he had walked over 15 miles to visit her.

I really wish I had shot some video of these two doing their funny tricks, it’s just hilarious when Wilbur starts howling along when you sing the Batman theme song, na na na na na na na na na BATMAN, he has done it since he was a puppy.

We could learn a lot from these two about love, acceptance and friendship.






Saw- 048 envy lowSaw- 047 envy lowBlack sawyer blurb lowSaw- 007 Angel fishnet lowSawyer white 2 low
This is the beautiful little baby-blue eyed girl…Sawyer! She was also a rescue puppy from a big litter of 12 little ones.

This wonderful organisation “Hug A bull”… http://hugabull.com/ in Vancouver BC, does a amazing job finding homes and helping people understand the most misunderstood breed.

She is a very mischievous little monkey, she took full advantage of the never ending treats that were on hand during our photo shoot, I have never seen a puppy eat so many treats so fast.

She loves going out and about, meeting new dogs and playing chase. Though she hasn’t quite mastered the art of running yet, so she usually flops over and just starts barking ha ha ha

She also enjoys doing laps of the apartment and showing off for new friends.

I can’t wait to see her when she is fully grown, I can already see glimpses of the strong and stunning dog she will be.


Moo- 051 B&W vintage lowBlack Back moose lowMoo- 028-26 soft urban teal  lowMoo- 058 envy lowmoose back low
Moose in motion

Meet Miss Moose….yes thats right  “Miss”. Though she is not very lady like at all, she humps anything that moves, snores, dribbles and rubs her booty along the carpet

She was rescued only a few months ago from the Humane society in New York. Visit…http://www.humanesocietyny.org/

So it is hard to be certain of her exact breed, most people say she looks like English Bull dog with a bit of Frenchie in there too, so they call her a “Continental bulldog”

She is very excitable and loves children, one of her other favorite games is pulling her person “Carson” on his skate board out on the footpath most afternoons.

I loved photographing this cray cray cutie, even though I left there covered in dog hair and dog dribble…lol


ler- 018 B&W Vintage lowLeroy Black back lowler- 159 lowler- 271 soft urban 63 TL lowler- 014 B&W Vintage 33 low

He was so fun to photograph, he constantly made me laugh every time I went to take a shot, it was head down bottom up, ready to play.

Affenpincher is a German and French breed and it means Monkey terrier in German, or in France  commonly called ‘Diablotin Moustachu’ the moustached little devil.

They don’t shed and are generally Fun-loving, Curious, Adventurous, Playful, Active and in Leroy’s case VERY cheeky and extremely talented at performing tricks.

His favorite tricks are stand, sit, lay, rollover, speak, paw and he is currently working on jumping through hoops. Seriously.

The perfect little apartment puppy for city living and puppy cuddles.