Scrappy, Manny & Tish

Aus 168 KristieleeDogsandthecity ScrappyDogsandthecity MannyDogsandthecity TishAus 067 KristieleeAus 009 KristieleeAus 082 B&W Van
Dinner time
Meet my 3 new Aussie furry best friends…Scrappy, Manny & Tish.
They are Australian Terrier’s and to be honest I had never heard of this bread before coming to America. I had seen the breed at home in Australia, but never knew they were called Australian Terriers. I first met Tish at “Meet the breeds” show in New york last month. Tish is an AKC Grand Champion and has earned her coursing ability title. The breeder named all of the dogs in Tish’s litter after characters in the 1960’s sitcom The Addams Family, Tish is short for Morticia.
The first addition the this little Aussie Terrier family out in North Attleboro, Massachusetts was Scrappy, the sometimes stubborn, soccer ball obsessed Scrapmandoo.
He is definitely top dog in this pack, ruler of his castle. Then closely followed by the lover of the ladies Manny moo moo, who was just quietly my favorite he he
He had many a story to tell me when I arrived, in his cute little doggie talk. I couldn’t resist those soulful eyes and free cuddles, he totally had me at bow wow…
As you can see from the images they are 3 very cute, close knit, cuddly kids. I can’t wait to visit them again.


dai- 012 cosmoDaisy Kristie Lee Photographerdai- 026 B&Wdai- 097 cosmodai- 101 B&W copyDaisy Dogsandthecity
This adorable little doggie is Daisy, she is a rescue puppy from the ASPCA
here in New York, she has found her forever home with The O’sullivan family on the upper East side.
She is a Coonhound cross and has a very overactive sniffer, she is certainly living up to the reputation of a hound. Daisy likes to dig and sniff all around the garden and
no shoe, no iphone, no ipad, no remote control is safe when Daisy is about. Though when all three 3 children in her household have gone to bed, she knows it’s her time then and she gives a little wimper and waits for an invitation onto an available lap! Because she still is a baby, she is not always keen for a walk so that is where the nickname Lazy Daisy comes from, but afternoons seem to be her silly time of day and everyone calls her crazy Daisy then. She truly is a special little addition to the O’sullivan family.

NYC Halloween Dog Parade

HDP Kristie Lee- 222HDP Kristie Lee- 131HDP Kristie Lee- 170HDP Kristie Lee- 202HDP Kristie Lee- 266Kristieleephotographer06HDP Kristie Lee- 199Kristieleephotographer07Kristieleephotographer01HDP Kristie Lee- 221HDP Kristie Lee- 015Kristieleephotographer02HDP Kristie Lee- 157Kristieleephotographer03HDP Kristie Lee- 051Kristieleephotographer04Kristieleephptgrapher05Kristieleephotographer08Kristielee dogsandthecity
Rise of the Phenix
I had been waiting for this event, since the moment I knew I was moving to NYC in January of this year.
The 23rd Annual New York City Halloween Dog Parade was defiantly all I had hope it would be, hundreds of people flocked to Thompkins Square on Saturday for this Kooky, crazy canine parade. We saw Pomeranian-pumpkin spiced chai latte’s, Chihuahua-Lobster bake, French bulldog/snails and more.
However not all the dogs seemed to be as excited as I was about the parade, which made it even funnier seeing sad face pugs, embarrassed Basset Hounds and just plain ashamed cheese-doodles ha ha. Though most people and pooches were happy to be out and about meeting and greeting lots of fellow dog lovers.


Val- 001 Kristie LeeValla profile Kristie leeVal- 037 Kristie leeVal- 050 Kristie leeVal- 079 Kristie leeDogsandthecity Kristielee
This black beauty is Miss Valla Petunia Wing, she was named after her human daddy’s grandmother, who was Icelandic and had 13 children, woman with a lot of character and determination. Valla is a city dog, however she loooooves to swim at her beach house in the Hamptons also, she will go from the far end of the backyard and take a giant mid air dive into the pool to get the tossed ball and frisbee. She loves to dive down under water to retrieve the ball or frisbee if it goes under water, she will go almost to the bottom. She also loves to be chased around the pool with her toys in her mouth.
While Valla is in the city she loves go for walk in the park and she also likes to watch TV, she has done this since she was a puppy.

Meet the Breeds 2013

meet the breeds B&W 3st bernard kristie lee B&Wscrappy kristie lee sushiwire kristie lee sushisheep dog kristie lee B&WPug kristie lee B&Wsmile kristie lee sushiWhite dog Kristie lee sushisibainu kristie lee sushirhodesian ridgeback kristie lee sushiBergamasco Kristie Lee B&WBergamasco Kristie Lee B&W 2mastiff kristielee sushimeet the breeds Kristie lee sushiChinesse crest Kristie leee B&WDandie dinmont Kristie lee B&WGriffin kristie lee sushiHair do's & don't's KLPmeet the beeds 2013 B&WAghan Kristie lee B&W 2bull terrier Kristie lee sushiAussie terrier kristie lee sushiCorso Kristie lee sushinoses KLPlips kristie lee sushiLegs Kristie lee sushipomarinian kristie lee sushidog kristie lee sushiDog kristie lee sushigoofy kristie lee sushifluff kristie lee sushidog 3 kristie lee sushicollie kristie lee sushicocka Kristie lee sushichezch 2 kristie lee sushicharpe kristie lee sushibaby bulldog Kristie lee sushihound kristielee sushidog 2 kristie lee sushi0Z6H6232 sushi1 Meet the breeds 2013
Giant Schnauzer with a baby bark
Wow what a fun day out we had this weekend for the 5th Annual Meet the breeds show here in New York City.
Meet the Breeds is the world’s largest showcase of dogs and offers pet lovers a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the rarest dog breeds.
We could talk to responsible breeders and owners about these amazing animals and determine the right breed for our life style.
Plus we got to pat and cuddle puppies all day, which if you know what a crazy dog lady I am, you know that was the main reason I went.
There were around 160 dog breeds there, some I knew and some I had never seen before. As you can see from the images on my blog this week they were all such beautiful well behaved dogs, it was hard to only pick the images I did to show you.
So after my day at meet the breeds, I have narrowed down to some possible dog breeds that I think could be perfect for me.
1. Wire haired Dachshund
2. Australian Terrier
3. Griffon
4. Affenpinscher
5. Dandie Dinmont
But knowing me I will end up bringing home the ugliest, strangest, most funny looking mix breed from a local shelter. Oh and they will probably be deaf or blind too.

Calling all City Dogs

Kristie Lee Photographer
The Dogs and the City blog is now about to become a book for everyone to have.

Call or email me, Kristie Lee to get your dog their very own page in the book and possibly a art piece on the wall in my up coming exhibition.

By booking your super fun, personal puppy shoot with Kristie, you are also helping the Humane Society of NYC, as a percentage of book sales will be going to them to help with the continued care for all the animals looking for a forever home.

p: +347 882 5316


Award entries 2013

Kristie Lee-Image-A L

Kristie Lee-Image-B L

Kristie Lee-Image-C L

Kristie Lee-Image-D L

I wanted to share my award entries for this years Australian National Canon awards for 2013.
They were judged over the weekend in Melbourne, it was the 50th year anniversary of the AIPP running these awards.
This is my 4th year of entering, I always hope to earn a sliver or higher for each images, to eventually receive my masters in Photography through the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.
I was awarded a Silver with distinction and a silver this year, leaving only 3 points till I receive my masters.
I did miss out of all the parties and socializing that comes with being a member of this wonderful Institute each year, though technology kept me feeling a part of the event here in New York, via live streaming and of course facebook.
Congratulations to all the people that entered and received awards, I can’t wait to do it all again next year in Sydney, I definitely will not miss out on seeing all my APPA family and friends in 2014 thats for sure.


Char005 soft urbanchar-002 B&Wchar-004 soft urbanChar-006 B&WKristie Lee Photographer Charlie
Little Miss Charlie was a delight to photograph, I couldn’t resist dressing her up for a little puppy couture for fun.
As I am missing shooting Glamour and fashion a lot lately, my puppy portrait clients have been kind enough to humor me during their shoots, so far no one seems to mind. Especially being fashion week here in New York, everybody deserves a little glamour in their lives.


Dog- 105 B&W vanGrey back eddieDog- 109 loveDog- 101 love webDog- 161 wineKristie Lee dogsandthecity eddie
Eddie the drooler…
This big beautiful boy is Eddie AKA Skedda…Eddie spaghetti.
I photographed Eddie while I was in Sydney at his favorite beach “Sandy Bay”, its a great off lead dog beach and Eddie is definitely king down there.
One of my favorite images from the shoot is him sitting there on the beach with sunsetting and casting his shadow, looking like the lion king.
He also loves playing ball games while at the beach and one of his best tricks is a “high 10”
as seen in the last image here, instead of a “high 5” he puts both paws up for a “high 10” very cute and very cleaver.

Pinkus Louise Peanutbones

Pin- 015 blushGrey back Pinkus profilePin- 034 blushPin- 055 B&W blushPin- 095 blushgrey background pincus KLP
Pinus playing fetch
This mature mini princess is Pinkus, full name Pinkus Louise Peanutbones to be excact. She a precious little puppy that loves cuddles, love and tummy scratches.
Pinkus and her Mumma Mary helped me out with special project this week, I can’t wait to show the fun reto image I created with them on Washington street in Hoboken NY this week. Pinkus was the perfect little model, very professional and was rewarded with cheese at the end.
Even though she is 13, she still loves running around, you should see her when she gets a full pace up, she looks like a bunny rabbit hopping along, soooo cute!