dai- 012 cosmoDaisy Kristie Lee Photographerdai- 026 B&Wdai- 097 cosmodai- 101 B&W copyDaisy Dogsandthecity
This adorable little doggie is Daisy, she is a rescue puppy from the ASPCA http://www.aspca.org/nyc
here in New York, she has found her forever home with The O’sullivan family on the upper East side.
She is a Coonhound cross and has a very overactive sniffer, she is certainly living up to the reputation of a hound. Daisy likes to dig and sniff all around the garden and
no shoe, no iphone, no ipad, no remote control is safe when Daisy is about. Though when all three 3 children in her household have gone to bed, she knows it’s her time then and she gives a little wimper and waits for an invitation onto an available lap! Because she still is a baby, she is not always keen for a walk so that is where the nickname Lazy Daisy comes from, but afternoons seem to be her silly time of day and everyone calls her crazy Daisy then. She truly is a special little addition to the O’sullivan family.

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  1. Omg, love love love Daisy’s pictures. Can I post your link on FB?

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