NYC Halloween Dog Parade

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Rise of the Phenix
I had been waiting for this event, since the moment I knew I was moving to NYC in January of this year.
The 23rd Annual New York City Halloween Dog Parade was defiantly all I had hope it would be, hundreds of people flocked to Thompkins Square on Saturday for this Kooky, crazy canine parade. We saw Pomeranian-pumpkin spiced chai latte’s, Chihuahua-Lobster bake, French bulldog/snails and more.
However not all the dogs seemed to be as excited as I was about the parade, which made it even funnier seeing sad face pugs, embarrassed Basset Hounds and just plain ashamed cheese-doodles ha ha. Though most people and pooches were happy to be out and about meeting and greeting lots of fellow dog lovers.

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