Scrappy, Manny & Tish

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Dinner time
Meet my 3 new Aussie furry best friends…Scrappy, Manny & Tish.
They are Australian Terrier’s and to be honest I had never heard of this bread before coming to America. I had seen the breed at home in Australia, but never knew they were called Australian Terriers. I first met Tish at “Meet the breeds” show in New york last month. Tish is an AKC Grand Champion and has earned her coursing ability title. The breeder named all of the dogs in Tish’s litter after characters in the 1960’s sitcom The Addams Family, Tish is short for Morticia.
The first addition the this little Aussie Terrier family out in North Attleboro, Massachusetts was Scrappy, the sometimes stubborn, soccer ball obsessed Scrapmandoo.
He is definitely top dog in this pack, ruler of his castle. Then closely followed by the lover of the ladies Manny moo moo, who was just quietly my favorite he he
He had many a story to tell me when I arrived, in his cute little doggie talk. I couldn’t resist those soulful eyes and free cuddles, he totally had me at bow wow…
As you can see from the images they are 3 very cute, close knit, cuddly kids. I can’t wait to visit them again.

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  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    a great story…………………………………… and pictures,too!!

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