Cotton Candy

Cot- 009 kristieleephotographer cosmoprofile  Kristie Lee Photographer cotton CandyCot- 235 JaneCot- 124 kristieleephotographer cosmoCC- 145 Kristielee photographer cosmoCot- 106 kristieleephotographer cosmoCot- 171 kristieleephotographer cosmodogs and the city kristie lee photographer cotton Candy
This gorgeous little fluff ball is Miss Cotton Candy. She got her name for obvious reasons, being so sweet and fluffy is definitely what makes her so cute and lovable. The fact that she is so small, makes it easy to hide her where ever you go. She is happy to sleep in a bag, for an entire meal at a restaurant, she will sit in a backpack on a train or a bus for as long as it takes to go somewhere. She will make no fuss at all, when her Mum wants her to dress up like a princess, cowgirl or even in a cat costume somedays. Cotton Candy will just about do anything for a cheese treat, she spends most of the day following her grandmother around the house up on her hind legs, begging with her little furry paws in the air, as seen in the video clip. How could you resist that? Really!


Ted- 011 SU kristie lee photographerprofile  Kristie Lee Photographer teddyTed- 020 SU kristie lee photographerTed- 096 kristie lee photographerTed- 060 B&W van kristie lee photographerTed- 120-126 kristie lee photographerdogs and the city kristie lee photographer teddy
This little sweet baby boy is Teddy! He is happiest when he is with his humans, getting cuddles, playing chasing’s.
He also loves playing with his neighbor Pretzel the dog, but only through the fence, as Pretzel can be a bit rough and grumpy for little Teddy at times.
Unfortunately Teddy is terrified of heights, so much so that he refuses to walk down hills. So living 553 meters above sea level on one of Hong Kong Islands tallest’s mountain’s “The Peak” can be very difficult walking Teddy some days, though he is getting more confident with the hills the older he gets.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Kristieleephotographer low
Happy Easter everyone! xxx

Happy national siblings day

Kristielee R&A 4Kristielee R&AKristielee R&A 2Kristielee R&A 3
Happy National siblings day!
Growing up a only child myself, I don’t fully understand the sibling bond, though I have always been fascinated and intrigued by the connection they share.
I see it when I photograph animals too. Even if they are not related by blood, there is something extra special about the love they have for each other.
This is Ronald and Agota, they live on Sydney’s northern beaches in Australia and have a wonderful relationship.
One minute they are snuggling up together and the next minute they are pinning each other to the ground.
I don’t think it is just a random coincidence who your family is. You may not choose your family, but I do believe they are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.

Happy St Patrick’s day

Mia- 119 st patricks day kristieleephotographer
Happy St Partick’s Day!


New- 055Kristieleephotographer B&WSari profile  Kristie Lee PhotographerNew- 061 KristieleephotographerNew- 188 KristieleephotographerNew- 167 KristieleephotographerSari dogs and the city kristie lee photographer

Sari is the sweetest, most loving and silly Dalmatians dogs I know. Her sole purpose in life is looking after and protecting her 3 human kids.
As you can see by these portraits, she is happiest when with her kids, making sure they are safe and ok. I saw her patrol the beach and stand at the waters edge, watching them like a hawk in the surf. Sari’s trademark cheeky smile is one of the funniest things I have seen, it is just like a human smile and genuinely full of excitement and joy to see you. I wish I had caught it on camera, but it only happens on arrival. Her loyalty and love for her family is truly special and a most admirable trait. Just beautiful!

Kristie lee photographer BTSTom- 113 soft Urban copy3 Kristie lee Photographer BTSBehind the scenes KristieleephotographerSunny Kristie lee Photographer BTSsun- 045 Kristie lee Photographer BTSSunny Kristie lee Photographer BTSSunny 3 Kristie lee Photographer BTSKristie lee Photographer BTS 06

I am currently putting together a behind the scenes video-slideshow to show what I do and why I do it.

So some people think being a photographer is glamorous job. As you can see from a few of these behind the scenes images, mostly I just lay on the ground and get stopped and slobbered on by dogs…lol…not so glamorous maybe, but lots and lots of fun and laughter.
I always finish a dog shoot, covered in dog drool, dog hair and dirt, but feeling like I have really got to know and capture that dogs personality, plus being able to show and share in the special relationship dogs have with their owners is why I do it.

I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive.

A special thanks for theses behind the scenes images, goes to:

Mary Lee…

Nikki Closser…


Zep- 069 Kristie lee photgrapher B&WZeppelin's profile  Kristie Lee PhotographerZep- 060 Kristie lee Photographer3 zeppy KristieleephotographerZep- 077 Kristie lee PhotographerZep- 123 kristieleephotographerZep- 122 Kristie lee PhotographerZep- 032 Kristie lee photgrapher B&Wdogs and the city kristie lee photographer zeppelin
Zeppy and Teddy
I know I say…”I fell in love” with pretty much every dog I photograph, BUT this little guy Zeppelin really did steal my heart when I was back in Sydney last month.
He is just the right amount of cute, sweet, cuddly, cheeky, mischievous, curious and funny you would want in a puppy. Dachshunds are one of my top 5 breeds and If I could clone him for my own I would. Zeppy has more than just one cheeky habit though, he loves winding up his pet kitty cat “Chino”. He also has an insatiable thirst for beer and will do anything to even lick the outside of a beer bottle. Humping/attacking Teddy is also one of his funny little habits, as seen in the video. lol Oh and he snores very loudly, as loud as his father I am told. Even though Zeppelin is only 4 months he is so well behaved and was a total rockstar during the entire shoot.
Maybe it has something to do with him being named after one of the biggest rockstar bands of the 70’s Led Zeppelin.


Tan- 012 Kristie lee Photographer cosmoprofile  Kristie Lee PhotographerTan- 069 Kristie lee Photographer B&WTank 4 KristieleephotographerTan- 046 Kristie lee Photographer B&Wdogs and the city kristie lee photographer tank
Tank loves having his toes rubbed

This big sexy beast is Tank! Also known as princess Tank, I am told he can be a bit precious at times. He backs his booty up onto the comfy couch and sits like a human. He will only eat “ORGANIC” Kangaroo meat with cooked mash potato, he demands toe rubs and back rubs by putting his paw on your hand repeatedly and he will only play the “BANG” game if there is soft carpet to drop dead on.
Plus Tank loves spooning anyone as long as there is a soft comfy bed to lay in.

He also loves getting out and about around Manly and hanging with his BFF Oscar the Golden Retriever.
Tank was hilarious to photograph, he was very suspicious of me and the camera at first and kept barking and bouncing around like a big bunny rabbit, then once I had been there for a while, he tired the paw and back rub trick on me. Of course I fell for it, I am such a sucker for any cute doggy trick.

Happy Valentine’s Day

sun- 175 Kristieleephotographer Valentines Day low
Happy Valentine’s day!