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Tank loves having his toes rubbed

This big sexy beast is Tank! Also known as princess Tank, I am told he can be a bit precious at times. He backs his booty up onto the comfy couch and sits like a human. He will only eat “ORGANIC” Kangaroo meat with cooked mash potato, he demands toe rubs and back rubs by putting his paw on your hand repeatedly and he will only play the “BANG” game if there is soft carpet to drop dead on.
Plus Tank loves spooning anyone as long as there is a soft comfy bed to lay in.

He also loves getting out and about around Manly and hanging with his BFF Oscar the Golden Retriever.
Tank was hilarious to photograph, he was very suspicious of me and the camera at first and kept barking and bouncing around like a big bunny rabbit, then once I had been there for a while, he tired the paw and back rub trick on me. Of course I fell for it, I am such a sucker for any cute doggy trick.

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