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Zeppy and Teddy
I know I say…”I fell in love” with pretty much every dog I photograph, BUT this little guy Zeppelin really did steal my heart when I was back in Sydney last month.
He is just the right amount of cute, sweet, cuddly, cheeky, mischievous, curious and funny you would want in a puppy. Dachshunds are one of my top 5 breeds and If I could clone him for my own I would. Zeppy has more than just one cheeky habit though, he loves winding up his pet kitty cat “Chino”. He also has an insatiable thirst for beer and will do anything to even lick the outside of a beer bottle. Humping/attacking Teddy is also one of his funny little habits, as seen in the video. lol Oh and he snores very loudly, as loud as his father I am told. Even though Zeppelin is only 4 months he is so well behaved and was a total rockstar during the entire shoot.
Maybe it has something to do with him being named after one of the biggest rockstar bands of the 70’s Led Zeppelin.

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