Oli- 051 Kristie Lee PhotographerOliver profile  Kristie Lee PhotographerOli- 018 Kristie Lee PhotographerOli- 088  Kristie Lee PhotographerOli- 063  Kristie Lee PhotographerOli- 089  Kristie Lee Photographer B&Wdogs and the city kristie lee photographer

This cheeky little Cavachon (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise hybrid) is Oliver.
He was super psyched to be out in Central Park this day, even in the slushy, wet slippery snow.
As soon as he got there he was curious about everything and ready to get into anything. First he started barking and trying to get to the beautiful big clydesdale horses that pull the carriages in the park. He chased and barked at the resident park pigeons! Then when he spotted the ducks walking on the frozen pond, at the south side of Central Park, he even tried chasing them on the the ice. Then he took off to the bridge to see all the tourist taking their holiday snaps. Oliver is a very determined, mischievous little pup and you can’t help admire his cunning ways. I think it is hilarious that Oliver will take any object around the house that he thinks will get him in trouble, toss it around in front of someone until they notice he took something he shouldn’t have, then he runs towards his treat jar. He spits out the object in exchange for a cookie. Though Oliver’s favorite toy is a Pascal plush toy from the movie Tangled. It is the one toy he always wants to play with, sometimes he even sleeps with it.

dogs and the city kristie lee photographer Tank copy

So true! lol


sun- 005 kristieleephotographerB&WSunny profile dogs and the citySunny 9 kristieleephotographersun- 239 kristieleephotographerSunny trilogy kristieleephotographersun- 252 kristieleephotographerSunny dogs and the city kristie lee photographer
Sunny’s car trick to get the back window opened for her.
This girl, this face, this dog is amazing! Sunny is by far one of the most well trained, well behaved dogs I have ever photographed.
She has such a soulfulness and calmness about her that made me fall in love with her straight away.
She loves the outdoors, whether it is just sniffing around the neighbourhood on walks with her Mom or BMX bike rides with her Dad.
Sunny’s other favorite past time is chasing squirrels and rabbits, but she has only been successful at winning this game just once and hopefully never EVER again.
This ative puppy doesn’t like to stay up late though, most nights she will take herself off to bed early, walking past her Mom and Dad to the bedroom always make them laugh. If Sunny does wake up in the middle of the night needing to go outside, she will sit and make noises like Chewbacca till someone wakes up to take her out.
When she does wake up in the morning she loves spooning with her Mom once Dad has gone to work and those wonderful ombre eyebrows and beard make the best bed head you have ever seen. Now most people mistake Sunny for a “HE not a “SHE” so we had some fun making her look a bit girly in some of these shots, but I think this face is just wonderful. Sunny girl has so many different looks and lots and lots of funny faces to make us smile. ๐Ÿ™‚


Tom- 113 soft Kristie Lee PhotographerTommy profile dogs and the cityTom- 026 Kristie lee PhotographerTom- 010 kristieleephotographerTom- 117 kristie lee photographerTom- 122 Kristie lee Dogs and the City

Tommy in motion…

Tommy the love Pug….I nicknamed him after after the shoot. He was so full of love and cuddles.
Also a little bit cheeky, just the way I like them. I was told Tommy loved the ladies and he certainly won me over in the first few minutes of meeting him.

He performed very well for the camera, showing off the playful side of his personality and giving some attitude when needed as well.
Tommy is a Mommy’s boy and only get disciplined by his Dad. He loves walks, meeting other dogs and people. As you can see from his portraits, Tommy is VERY well dressed when he is out and about promenading up and down the pier on Long Island Cities waterfront. His puffy coat with a warm furry hood, makes him look like one tough pug in the hood. Plus his snazzy yellow raincoat works well in wet weather. Then he has a fun pirate outfit for Halloween, minus the parrot that fell victim to a game of fetch while I was there.

Best Friends

Fra & Mia- 135 B&WFra & Mia- 028Fra & Mia- 092Fra & Mia- 059F&M Kristie Lee Photographer B&W

Frankie & Mia playing

Fluff ball fun with best friends Frankie & Mia. They are neighbors, they are best buddies and fluffy friends forever.
It is so cute to watch them play together and see how excited they get when they first see each other.
I couldn’t resist photographing them together to show their special friendship.

See their individual shoots here too…



Happy New Year

Kristie Lee Photographer happy new year

Merry Christmas

Dogs and the City Merry Christmas copy


Fra- 038 cosmoFrankie Dogs and the city Kristie LeeFra- 003 cosmoFra & Mia- 068 cosmoFra & Mia- 062 cosmoDogs and the City Frankie Kristie Lee Photographer
Frankie’s favorite game

So you may think that Frankenstein is a strange name for a cute little fluffball like this, though as his mom says and from what I saw, its a perfect name for this little man. Frankenstein definitely has the big personality to go with his big name. He loves playing, biting and begs to be chased around. He love all animals, other pups and also kitties, but his favorite and first love is his girlfriend Mia the pom who lives across the road. I will be blogging some of their images I took together next week, it is fluffball cuteness overload.


Mia- 153 comoMia blurb dogsandthecityMia 9 kristieleephotographerMia- 179 cosmoFra & Mia- 004 cosmoMia dogsandthecity 1
Mia the pom pom
Meet Miss Mia, she is no stranger the the camera, she has her own instagram account with over 1500 flowers, @miathepompom
Mia was a true professional throughout the entire shoot, enduring cold and windy conditions down at the LIC pier, plus 9 wardrobe changes.
As you can see from all her these beautiful images, the smile never left her fluffy little face.
She has special outfits for all occasions, thanksgiving sweaters, New years eve sequined tops, even hula skirts and bikini tops for the beach.
My favorite was definitely the yellow duck or the green Christmas elf, they both made me laugh so much.
If all dogs were as well behaved as Mia and could pose like Mia, I would have the easiest job in the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving Kristielee Photographer L
This will be my first Thanksgiving celebration, here in the America’s.
I am thankful for so many things….
I am thankful for all the amazing opportunities that have come from having the courage to move countries this year.
I am thankful for all the new wonderful friends I have made here over the last year here. (you know who you are)
I am thankful for all my friends and family back in Australia that continue to love and support me always. (you also know who you are)
I am thankful for all the wonderful dogs I have been blessed to photograph this year. (you may not know who you are)
I am thankful for all the exciting new adventures that are to come. (I don’t even know what they are)

Last but not least, thank you to Miss Mia, my fabulous fluffy model here in her Thanksgiving jumper, you haven’t seen the last of her.