Fra- 038 cosmoFrankie Dogs and the city Kristie LeeFra- 003 cosmoFra & Mia- 068 cosmoFra & Mia- 062 cosmoDogs and the City Frankie Kristie Lee Photographer
Frankie’s favorite game

So you may think that Frankenstein is a strange name for a cute little fluffball like this, though as his mom says and from what I saw, its a perfect name for this little man. Frankenstein definitely has the big personality to go with his big name. He loves playing, biting and begs to be chased around. He love all animals, other pups and also kitties, but his favorite and first love is his girlfriend Mia the pom who lives across the road. I will be blogging some of their images I took together next week, it is fluffball cuteness overload.

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