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This cheeky little Cavachon (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise hybrid) is Oliver.
He was super psyched to be out in Central Park this day, even in the slushy, wet slippery snow.
As soon as he got there he was curious about everything and ready to get into anything. First he started barking and trying to get to the beautiful big clydesdale horses that pull the carriages in the park. He chased and barked at the resident park pigeons! Then when he spotted the ducks walking on the frozen pond, at the south side of Central Park, he even tried chasing them on the the ice. Then he took off to the bridge to see all the tourist taking their holiday snaps. Oliver is a very determined, mischievous little pup and you can’t help admire his cunning ways. I think it is hilarious that Oliver will take any object around the house that he thinks will get him in trouble, toss it around in front of someone until they notice he took something he shouldn’t have, then he runs towards his treat jar. He spits out the object in exchange for a cookie. Though Oliver’s favorite toy is a Pascal plush toy from the movie Tangled. It is the one toy he always wants to play with, sometimes he even sleeps with it.

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