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Ace the water bowl snorkeler…
This clever little puppy is Ace, he is in training to be a guide dog for “Guide dogs NSW”
The puppy raising program requires volunteers to care for a puppy in their home from the age of 8 weeks, until they are approximately 12-15 months of age.
Puppy raisers are responsible for feeding, grooming and exercising their pups daily, along with basic obedience, house-training, and visits to the vet when needed.
While this training is important, the dogs are first and foremost puppies – so plenty of games and tummy scratches are also required!
Because Ace is only 3 months old, he has a lot more to learn before he can be a working dog and help someone who is visually impaired, so for now he spends his days playing tug ‘o’ war and chasing the the cat, Boris, around the backyard. Ace loves meeting new people and new people always love meeting him.
How can you resist that floppy, bouncy ball of cuteness! After his portrait shoot, I found it hard to leave and I can only imagine how hard it will be for his carers to let him go to guide dog school after the year is up.


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billy- 052 van
Billy Houdini in action
So this week the nickname says it all… “Silly Billy”
He may not have been the smartest puppy at puppy school or even passed puppy school, but what he lacks in smarts, he makes up for with love.
He loves his family, he loves the neighbors, he loves strangers, he loves pretty much everything except car rides and thunderstorms.
He loves having special cuddle time his little people Annabel and Lucas also featured in this shoot with him at Balmoral beach.
He loves finding any gap in the fence, any open door to make his quick escape out on the street, in hope of finding anyone or anything to play with.
He is also nicknamed Houdini dog as this escape trick happens at least twice a week as seen in video lol


Spanky- 011 SU 2Grey back spankySpanky- 012 SU 2Spanky- 040 SUSpanky- 039. SUSpanky- 160. SUSpanky- 001. SU
Spanky chillin

A special country dog addition on the blog this week, Spanky all the way from Tracy California. He is a gypsy dog who spends his time between 3 houses in his home town in Tracy CA. He originally came to stay with the Rosette family for a holiday and never left.
He loves to share the love with everyone as he has a insatiable appetite for pats & scratches that can not be fulfilled. If you stop patting him, he is quick to prod you with his fat little paw you for more. Spanky one of the most chilled dogs I have ever met, I actually took a lot more images than what I have posted on the blog, however they are being saved for a special upcoming project I have in mind. Spankums was such a good sport during the shoot and put up with a lot of crazy things I did to him to get the perfect shot. I can’t wait to show you the finished project once it is done.

Happy 4th of July

red 4th july leroy low
Im so excited to be celebrating my first 4th of July ever, I will be down on the Williamsburg waterfront in Brooklyn dancing and watching the fireworks. Can’t wait!


Grey Kisa

Nor- 008ret

Nor- 048

Nor- 055

Nor- 066

Nor- 084 copy
As a pet photographer I want to be able to capture the real essence of a dog and the special love and relationship we have with our pets. Julie and her dog Kasia have a very special bond as you can see in these images from their shoot. Mostly I love being able to show the fun and friendship that is shared by having pets in our lives.
They go on two 2 walks a day, down to various parts on the Northern beaches in Sydney, Kisa always loves bringing her throw toys on walks, but as I said she never likes to share, it is quite funny to watch her with other dogs at the beach. She will leave the toy on the ground and wait for other dogs to come up and try and take the toy from her, then she quickly snatches it up in her mouth and runs off down the beach or into the water where they can’t get it.
Pets provide love, comfort, safety, warmth, happiness, levity, wonder, laughter and friendship.
They teach us to have more patience with life and to enjoy the simple things.
Who ever said diamonds were a girls best friend, never owned a dog.


grey boysGrey back neddieGrey back tobieGrey back lockie
This weeks post is a personal post about my 3 little furry loves back in Sydney Australia.
I absolutely love living here in NYC and photographing other peoples dogs, but the things I miss the most from home are these 3 furry friends (sorry mum) ha ha
They belong to my old flatmate and long time friend Geneve, she has kindly let me share her dogs since they were little bouncy balls of trouble, fun and love. Brothers Lockie and Neddie were a impulse buy after popping to the shops for some milk one day. Geneve named Lockie and I named Neddie they were the best and worst thing all at the same time in the beginning. We would come home to find chewed up shoes, printer cords, earphones and lip glosses everyday for the first year we had them. Then 6 years later Geneve was at the same set of shops one day and called me saying there is this poor little puppy left in the pet shop, now 4 months old and nobody wants him :(, possibly because he has a broken kinky backwards tail. My first response was “NO MORE PUPPIES!” then she sent me a photo saying his name is Tobie. I knew then that once she had a named him, he was coming home with her. So after another year of coming home to chewed up toilet rolls, I couldn’t ever imagine Tobie not being a part of the pack. I am going home to Australia for a visit next month and the first thing I want to do when I get there is hug these little balls of love and not let go. Im sure it’s not normal to miss pets more than friends and family while you are away, but sad as I am, it’s true and I don’t mind admitting it.

Dogsandthecity cover photo logo
When the image say’s it all…


Dyl- 005 sweet colourGrey Dylan blurbDyl- 048 cosmoDyl- 054  B&W platinumDyl- 076 cosmoGrey 12.98 x 17 dylan
Dylan in motion
This big cuddly, old beautiful boy is Dylan, he is basically blind in both eyes and pretty much deaf in both ears but he is one of the happiest sweetest dogs I have ever met. Dylan was adopted from the SPCA shelter many years ago, so we don’t know is exact breed, though we are pretty sure it’s Cocker spaniel cross baby bear cub. He knows his little apartment like the back of his paw. He walks his little path from the lounge room to the kitchen to check his food bowl every few minutes, just in case something magically fell in there while he was gone. I also caught him digging through my handbag up on the couch, pulling out my valuables while I had my back turned too. It’s just absolutely gorgeous how cheeky and full of mischief he still is at his age and even when we went outside, it was just so amazing how he mastered the stairs and navigated his way around the courtyard.
“Dylan may not have his sight, but he still has vision”


Tug- 006 cosmo lowTug blurb grey lowTug- 005 cosmolowTug- 016 B&W film lowTug- 007cosmo lowTug- 050 sweet col lowDATClow
Tug in motion
So the name says it all in this beautiful big Bulldogs case “TUGBOAT”
Tug is the unofficial dog mayor of the building he lives in on East 57th street, he resides there with his caretaker Janet.
The name Tugboat was borrow from a friend of Janet’s in Chicago, one could not think of more perfect name for the lovable, strong and steadfast honorary guard dog of the building. As he sits in front of the building watching the world pass one can only smile.
Surprisingly Tugboat has an unusual diet, he does not favor his pound of meat, but prefers pumpkin, cheese, ice-cream and pretzels, he never met a dairy product he did not like. He has a few other cheeky habits besides running off with the roll of toilet paper, occasionally dives into the cupboard and runs off with a shoe and he can also be very frisky at times and gets very over excited in fact we had to cut our shoot short as it can be dangerous for Tug to get to excited and over heated, because he was born with a smaller trachea than usual and he sometimes has difficulty breathing. So summer can be hard for this big guy, though he still manages to get out and about and keep a eye on his neighborhood.


Askur-007 sushiGrey background AskurAskur-003 sushiAskur-006 sushiAskur-005Kristie Lee Photograher 110Z6H1149 copy
Askur the pug in motion
Introducing King Askur…born in Delhi India 2008, the name “Askur” originates from Iceland, it s said that in Nordic mythology Askur was the first man on earth.
Now this little pug dog certainly believes his is special and rules his palace here on the East river in New York City.
He was so wonderful to photograph, I nearly dropped the camera multiple times from laughing at him being so regal in his castle and then when we went to the park it was no different, he sat down looking around like he was ruler of the park so uninterested at passers by.
He even has multiple thrones around the house in every room, mini couches, leopard print beds, stools and the finest woven cushions to lay his little squashed head upon…ha ha ha
My first dog was a pug cross mini foxy “Sally” and she was just the same, they may be small dogs but they have really BIG personalities. So cute!

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