Dogs day out

More than 3000 ­canines took their humans to Clontarf on Sunday for Manly Council’s Dogs Day Out event and, by all reports, the humans ­behaved themselves.
The aim of the annual event was to create a fun day out for all and to promote responsible pet ownership.
The highlights this year included the jack russell race, which our little Tobie had his first race ever and came 3rd…see attached video, he is number 12.
The fancy-dress event and the best trick and look-alike competitions as well as new events such as the demonstration of treibball and animal first aid and care
I was in heaven with all the funny, quirky, different breeds to photograph, I had the best day meeting lots of new friends, oh, and human friends too.

DDO- 006 cosmoDDO- 019 cosmo
Tobie’s 1st big race
12 up cosmo lowDDO- 035 cosmoDDO- 038 cosmoDDO- 054 cosmoDDO- 056 Vintage wineDDO Kristie Lee Photographer
Barking Beaver on his Bicycle

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  1. ‘Funniest Post Ever’ should be the name of this post!


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