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Cuddly Kain
I met Kain and his family at the annual dogs day out event last Sunday in Sydney. Kain was recently adopted after being at 5 different homes before his new and final forever home. It is beyond me how anyone could ever give this beautiful, gentle, loving, cuddly dog away. Luckily for his new family they did, as he has fitted in so well and I was honored to be able to do a portrait session with Kain and help celebrate the new addition to the family. There was something extra special about this boy, those intense eyes that look straight into your soul, I wish I knew what he has seen and what he was thinking.

4 Comments on “Kain

  1. Leanne
    The photos are magnificient and you are so right about his beautiful eyes .I am so happy he has found his forever home for such a deserving beautiful boy.

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