Pinkus Louise Peanutbones

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Pinus playing fetch
This mature mini princess is Pinkus, full name Pinkus Louise Peanutbones to be excact. She a precious little puppy that loves cuddles, love and tummy scratches.
Pinkus and her Mumma Mary helped me out with special project this week, I can’t wait to show the fun reto image I created with them on Washington street in Hoboken NY this week. Pinkus was the perfect little model, very professional and was rewarded with cheese at the end.
Even though she is 13, she still loves running around, you should see her when she gets a full pace up, she looks like a bunny rabbit hopping along, soooo cute!

3 Comments on “Pinkus Louise Peanutbones

  1. My little girl! Thank you sooo much Kristie Lee for an amazing day. I will cherish these photographs forever. xoxo ~ Pinus’s Mom.

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