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Spanky chillin

A special country dog addition on the blog this week, Spanky all the way from Tracy California. He is a gypsy dog who spends his time between 3 houses in his home town in Tracy CA. He originally came to stay with the Rosette family for a holiday and never left.
He loves to share the love with everyone as he has a insatiable appetite for pats & scratches that can not be fulfilled. If you stop patting him, he is quick to prod you with his fat little paw you for more. Spanky one of the most chilled dogs I have ever met, I actually took a lot more images than what I have posted on the blog, however they are being saved for a special upcoming project I have in mind. Spankums was such a good sport during the shoot and put up with a lot of crazy things I did to him to get the perfect shot. I can’t wait to show you the finished project once it is done.

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