Grey Kisa

Nor- 008ret

Nor- 048

Nor- 055

Nor- 066

Nor- 084 copy
As a pet photographer I want to be able to capture the real essence of a dog and the special love and relationship we have with our pets. Julie and her dog Kasia have a very special bond as you can see in these images from their shoot. Mostly I love being able to show the fun and friendship that is shared by having pets in our lives.
They go on two 2 walks a day, down to various parts on the Northern beaches in Sydney, Kisa always loves bringing her throw toys on walks, but as I said she never likes to share, it is quite funny to watch her with other dogs at the beach. She will leave the toy on the ground and wait for other dogs to come up and try and take the toy from her, then she quickly snatches it up in her mouth and runs off down the beach or into the water where they can’t get it.
Pets provide love, comfort, safety, warmth, happiness, levity, wonder, laughter and friendship.
They teach us to have more patience with life and to enjoy the simple things.
Who ever said diamonds were a girls best friend, never owned a dog.

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