grey boysGrey back neddieGrey back tobieGrey back lockie
This weeks post is a personal post about my 3 little furry loves back in Sydney Australia.
I absolutely love living here in NYC and photographing other peoples dogs, but the things I miss the most from home are these 3 furry friends (sorry mum) ha ha
They belong to my old flatmate and long time friend Geneve, she has kindly let me share her dogs since they were little bouncy balls of trouble, fun and love. Brothers Lockie and Neddie were a impulse buy after popping to the shops for some milk one day. Geneve named Lockie and I named Neddie they were the best and worst thing all at the same time in the beginning. We would come home to find chewed up shoes, printer cords, earphones and lip glosses everyday for the first year we had them. Then 6 years later Geneve was at the same set of shops one day and called me saying there is this poor little puppy left in the pet shop, now 4 months old and nobody wants him :(, possibly because he has a broken kinky backwards tail. My first response was “NO MORE PUPPIES!” then she sent me a photo saying his name is Tobie. I knew then that once she had a named him, he was coming home with her. So after another year of coming home to chewed up toilet rolls, I couldn’t ever imagine Tobie not being a part of the pack. I am going home to Australia for a visit next month and the first thing I want to do when I get there is hug these little balls of love and not let go. Im sure it’s not normal to miss pets more than friends and family while you are away, but sad as I am, it’s true and I don’t mind admitting it.

4 Comments on “Lockie…Tobie…Neddie

  1. Boy do they miss you too Kristie, especially Neddie. He’s going to beside himself having us both in the same house again. We all can’t wait to see you, if only for a visit. xx

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