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Tommy in motion…

Tommy the love Pug….I nicknamed him after after the shoot. He was so full of love and cuddles.
Also a little bit cheeky, just the way I like them. I was told Tommy loved the ladies and he certainly won me over in the first few minutes of meeting him.

He performed very well for the camera, showing off the playful side of his personality and giving some attitude when needed as well.
Tommy is a Mommy’s boy and only get disciplined by his Dad. He loves walks, meeting other dogs and people. As you can see from his portraits, Tommy is VERY well dressed when he is out and about promenading up and down the pier on Long Island Cities waterfront. His puffy coat with a warm furry hood, makes him look like one tough pug in the hood. Plus his snazzy yellow raincoat works well in wet weather. Then he has a fun pirate outfit for Halloween, minus the parrot that fell victim to a game of fetch while I was there.

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