sun- 005 kristieleephotographerB&WSunny profile dogs and the citySunny 9 kristieleephotographersun- 239 kristieleephotographerSunny trilogy kristieleephotographersun- 252 kristieleephotographerSunny dogs and the city kristie lee photographer
Sunny’s car trick to get the back window opened for her.
This girl, this face, this dog is amazing! Sunny is by far one of the most well trained, well behaved dogs I have ever photographed.
She has such a soulfulness and calmness about her that made me fall in love with her straight away.
She loves the outdoors, whether it is just sniffing around the neighbourhood on walks with her Mom or BMX bike rides with her Dad.
Sunny’s other favorite past time is chasing squirrels and rabbits, but she has only been successful at winning this game just once and hopefully never EVER again.
This ative puppy doesn’t like to stay up late though, most nights she will take herself off to bed early, walking past her Mom and Dad to the bedroom always make them laugh. If Sunny does wake up in the middle of the night needing to go outside, she will sit and make noises like Chewbacca till someone wakes up to take her out.
When she does wake up in the morning she loves spooning with her Mom once Dad has gone to work and those wonderful ombre eyebrows and beard make the best bed head you have ever seen. Now most people mistake Sunny for a “HE not a “SHE” so we had some fun making her look a bit girly in some of these shots, but I think this face is just wonderful. Sunny girl has so many different looks and lots and lots of funny faces to make us smile. šŸ™‚

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