Meet the Breeds 2013

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Giant Schnauzer with a baby bark
Wow what a fun day out we had this weekend for the 5th Annual Meet the breeds show here in New York City.
Meet the Breeds is the world’s largest showcase of dogs and offers pet lovers a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the rarest dog breeds.
We could talk to responsible breeders and owners about these amazing animals and determine the right breed for our life style.
Plus we got to pat and cuddle puppies all day, which if you know what a crazy dog lady I am, you know that was the main reason I went.
There were around 160 dog breeds there, some I knew and some I had never seen before. As you can see from the images on my blog this week they were all such beautiful well behaved dogs, it was hard to only pick the images I did to show you.
So after my day at meet the breeds, I have narrowed down to some possible dog breeds that I think could be perfect for me.
1. Wire haired Dachshund
2. Australian Terrier
3. Griffon
4. Affenpinscher
5. Dandie Dinmont
But knowing me I will end up bringing home the ugliest, strangest, most funny looking mix breed from a local shelter. Oh and they will probably be deaf or blind too.

2 Comments on “Meet the Breeds 2013

  1. Your photos are amazing of all the dogs . I have the blue cane corso and the black puppy one you took a picture of and I love it. You are truly an amazing person and I want to thank you for taking such great photos that day of all the dogs . I live them all

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