Dyl- 005 sweet colourGrey Dylan blurbDyl- 048 cosmoDyl- 054  B&W platinumDyl- 076 cosmoGrey 12.98 x 17 dylan
Dylan in motion
This big cuddly, old beautiful boy is Dylan, he is basically blind in both eyes and pretty much deaf in both ears but he is one of the happiest sweetest dogs I have ever met. Dylan was adopted from the SPCA shelter many years ago, so we don’t know is exact breed, though we are pretty sure it’s Cocker spaniel cross baby bear cub. He knows his little apartment like the back of his paw. He walks his little path from the lounge room to the kitchen to check his food bowl every few minutes, just in case something magically fell in there while he was gone. I also caught him digging through my handbag up on the couch, pulling out my valuables while I had my back turned too. It’s just absolutely gorgeous how cheeky and full of mischief he still is at his age and even when we went outside, it was just so amazing how he mastered the stairs and navigated his way around the courtyard.
“Dylan may not have his sight, but he still has vision”

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