Follow Dogs and the City on Instagram & Twitter Kristie Lee

Yes! thats right, “Dogs and the City” is now on Instagram… dogsandthecitydotnet

Also follow Kristie Lee on Twitter @kristieleenyc

So as you may now know, I am slightly obsessed with dogs and not only do I photograph dogs as a job, but I do it for fun too.

This Instagram collage of iphone photos is from the streets of New York in the last few weeks.

I love meeting new people and new dogs, I spend a part of my day out and about walking the the streets and Avenues of NYC, talking to dogs and their owners.

I don’t always have my big canon camera with me while out walking, so my iphone is my 2nd best tool I have.

I invite you to follow me on Instagram @  dogsandthecitydotnet

Also I am putting together a exhibition of the dogs I meet in the city, so be sure to contact me if you and you’re dog would like to be apart of this.

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