Lucy & Wilbur

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Lucy and Wilbur are step brother and sister, they came to live together when Lucy’s mum moved in with Wilbur’s dad a few years ago and now they are best friends.

Before they lived together, Wilbur went missing for 2 days, then he turned up at Lucy’s house, he had walked over 15 miles to visit her.

I really wish I had shot some video of these two doing their funny tricks, it’s justĀ hilarious when Wilbur starts howling along when you sing the Batman theme song, na na na na na na na na na BATMAN, he has done it since he was a puppy.

We could learn a lot from these two about love, acceptance and friendship.





4 Comments on “Lucy & Wilbur

  1. They are so cute together!!! Although it must have required the most bestest photography!
    You rock kristie!

    • Oh love it! I just started adding video to my dog shoots this week and I was thinking how much I wished I had video of Wilbur howling to batman.
      Brilliant thank you!

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