Saw- 048 envy lowSaw- 047 envy lowBlack sawyer blurb lowSaw- 007 Angel fishnet lowSawyer white 2 low
This is the beautiful little baby-blue eyed girl…Sawyer! She was also a rescue puppy from a big litter of 12 little ones.

This wonderful organisation “Hug A bull”… in Vancouver BC, does a amazing job finding homes and helping people understand the most misunderstood breed.

She is a very mischievous little monkey, she took full advantage of the never ending treats that were on hand during our photo shoot, I have never seen a puppy eat so many treats so fast.

She loves going out and about, meeting new dogs and playing chase. Though she hasn’t quite mastered the art of running yet, so she usually flops over and just starts barking ha ha ha

She also enjoys doing laps of the apartment and showing off for new friends.

I can’t wait to see her when she is fully grown, I can already see glimpses of the strong and stunning dog she will be.

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