Askur-007 sushiGrey background AskurAskur-003 sushiAskur-006 sushiAskur-005Kristie Lee Photograher 110Z6H1149 copy
Askur the pug in motion
Introducing King Askur…born in Delhi India 2008, the name “Askur” originates from Iceland, it s said that in Nordic mythology Askur was the first man on earth.
Now this little pug dog certainly believes his is special and rules his palace here on the East river in New York City.
He was so wonderful to photograph, I nearly dropped the camera multiple times from laughing at him being so regal in his castle and then when we went to the park it was no different, he sat down looking around like he was ruler of the park so uninterested at passers by.
He even has multiple thrones around the house in every room, mini couches, leopard print beds, stools and the finest woven cushions to lay his little squashed head upon…ha ha ha
My first dog was a pug cross mini foxy “Sally” and she was just the same, they may be small dogs but they have really BIG personalities. So cute!

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2 Comments on “Askur

  1. How cute is he….love him staring at the leaf, and the shot above, both my favourites. Great shoot.

    • “whats that little green thing…” so cute how did u get him to go that way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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