Puppy Bowl NYC

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6 PB- kristie-lee-photographer

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Last night was the 1st Annual Puppy Parties NYC, Puppy Bowl event. Held at the wonderful D Pet Hotels Chelsea. We had 20 puppies aged from 3 months to 11 months. Two teams, Team Wags and Team Woof. As you can see there was lots of cuteness and lots of fun all around. I got stomped on, jumped on, licked and kissed by all the players and loved it. Even though technically team Wags won, I think everyone wins having all these sweet fur babies in their lives now. So much fun to photograph and event like this.

Puppy Parties NYC.. http://www.puppypartiesnyc.com/

D Pet Hotel Chelsea… http://chelsea.dpethotels.com/

Denise Dog Training… http://www.denisenyctraining.com/index.html

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Merry Christmas

Edda-kristie-lee-photographer M

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.

Lots to be thankful for this year, especially that this beautiful boy (Edda) is happy and healthy. After being diagnosed with bone cancer and losing a leg this year, he is going strong. He maybe a little greyer and a bit slower, but he is still here bring Christmas joy to all. ❤ 🙂

Happy Halloween

Cookie halloween kristie-lee-photographerHappy Halloween from me and my cute Spider-Pug! ❤


ros- 064 Kristie-lee-photographer

Rosie profile Kristie Lee Photographer

kristie-lee-photographer rosie 6x4

ros- 043

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dogs and the city kristie lee photographer rosie

Miss Rosie, lives with her Mom & Dad in Williamsburg, Brookyln, New York. She also spends a few days a week at doggie daycare with her other furry friends. We actually saw one of her friends from daycare, on the street doing this shoot. They got very excited and we ended up having to move in a different direction. Rosie is a typical city dog, though she is actually moving to California in a few weeks, so I’m sure she be much happier being a West Coast girl.

Rhoda & Cooper

R&C- 175-176 kristie-lee-photographerRhoder profile  kristie-lee-photographerR&C- 110 kristie-lee-photographerCooper profile  kristie-lee-photographerR&C- 127 kristie-lee-photographerR&C- 145 kristie-lee-photographerkristie-lee-photographer rhoda & cooperdogs and the city kristie-lee-photographer copyThese two brown, black and white babies are true New York City Dogs. Rhoda was the first to adopt owners Chris & Bill. She was named after Rhoda Morgenstern, in the 70’s TV show, set in NY. Then Cooper was being fostered in the same building a few years later. When one day they all met in the elevator and it was love at first site. Cooper is the typical cheeky little brother, he will start nibbling on Rhoda’s ear to get her to play with him. He also loves to play competitive catch with her and will usually go for the steal. The highlight of the week is doggie nights on the roof in their uptown Harlem building. They get to play with all the other cool New York City pups, while their dads drink wine. These two also have some funny sleeping habits. While Cooper is known for his sneaky, stealth moves to get into the bed at night. He also likes to take naps on the couch, spread out on his back with his lips parted ever so slightly making him look like a little gremlin. Rhoda loves to stretch out against the wall making herself look like “Superdog.” She also loves to hang out on the bed and “hold court” when no one is home. She likes to serve as the canine mayor of Harlem and keeps watch over the neighborhood by looking out the French doors of the apartment. How do we know what they get up to when no one is home, you may ask?

“Doggie Cam” of course! 🙂


Drifting with Jamal & Luigi

jam- 358 B&WLuigi profile  Kristie-lee-photographerKristie-lee-photographer jamal-luigijam- 276 B&Wjam- 444 B&WLuigi dogs and the city kristie-lee-photographer

Barkfest 2015

bark- 191 kristie-lee-photographer.com 2

kristie-lee-photographer.com 2

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bark- 058 kristie-lee-photographer

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bark- 162 kristie-lee-photographer

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Barkfest-kristie-lee-photographer 7

bark- 143 kristie-lee-photographer 3

Yesterday was the 2nd Annual Barkfest dog festival, hosted by very popular BarkBox creators Bark & Co here in New York. It was a typical mid July, hot and steamy summer’s day over here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There were lots of dog owners and dog lovers trying to keep cool, while enjoying all the fun doggy activities about. There were puppy pool parties, character drawings, photobooths and my favorite, selfie’s with the celebrety pooches. I’m not going to lie, I was a little starstruck meeting Doug the Pug. He was such a professional poser and I even snuck in a sneaky little kiss, well he kissed me actually. “I kissed a Pug and I liked it! 🙂 Even after hours in the sun, I just couldn’t leave, I saw some of my old friends and met lots and lots of new friends too. I was beyond excited to to finally meet my instagram friend Toby… @yours_truly_toby, he kindly gave me lots of puppy cuddles and love too. Toby was there with his foster sister Poppins, who is a 7 year old Chihuahua and available for adoption through Friends with Four Paws http://www.friendswithfourpaws.org/ and there were many other sweet little fur babies looking for their foverever homes as well through http://fosterdogsnyc.com/ . The Brooklyn boys were there from Williamsburg Bulldogs, with Buster and Ra Ra the big pretty silver Cane Corso, plus a sweet little baby mastiff in a bowl. See more of their beatiful Bullies for  at http://www.williamsburgbulldogs.com/ All in all the day was a great sucsess and I loved every moment of it. Bark Boxes are a great way to treat your best friend with a something special every month and help continued support and aid for rescues and shelters.

Otis and the Studio

Otis- 075 kristie-lee-photographerOtis 3 up kristie-lee-photographerOtis- 111 kristie-lee-photographerdogsanthecity kristie-lee-photographerOtis- 121 kristie-lee-photographerOtis- 183 kristie-lee-photographer

I am loving shooting in the Broadway studio and around the Williamsburg area. Otis is a rescue dog and like many adopted pups, they can tend to be shy and timid at first. Though being able shoot in the studio and take a walk outside the studio, we can get a variety of backgrounds, that really show the dogs personality and the iconic backdrops of Brooklyn. I allow lots of time for all the pups to get settled in and feel comfortable before we start shooting. The studio has lots of soft natural light, so I don’t have to use flash. To see more portraits, check out my website… http://www.kristieleephotographer.com


She- 030-31 kristie-lee-photographerShelby profile  Kristie Lee PhotographerShe- 007-008 kristie-lee-photographer 7x5She- 041 kristie-lee-photographerShe- 075 kristie-lee-photographerdogs and the city kristie lee photographer low

Miss Shelby G, is high energy! A typical Collie dog, who never stops herding, chasing and keeping a close watch on her family. As soon as she gets loose she is off like a rocket, chasing anything that moves. Lucky she has lots of wide open spaces to roam around on, out in the Pines of New Jersey. She is happiest when she is with her 3 kids and cuddled up sleeping with her Dad. 🙂

Memorial Day

Memorial day 2015

Lets also remember all the brave dog soldiers that fort for their country on Memorial day! <