Otis and the Studio

Otis- 075 kristie-lee-photographerOtis 3 up kristie-lee-photographerOtis- 111 kristie-lee-photographerdogsanthecity kristie-lee-photographerOtis- 121 kristie-lee-photographerOtis- 183 kristie-lee-photographer

I am loving shooting in the Broadway studio and around the Williamsburg area. Otis is a rescue dog and like many adopted pups, they can tend to be shy and timid at first. Though being able shoot in the studio and take a walk outside the studio, we can get a variety of backgrounds, that really show the dogs personality and the iconic backdrops of Brooklyn. I allow lots of time for all the pups to get settled in and feel comfortable before we start shooting. The studio has lots of soft natural light, so I don’t have to use flash. To see more portraits, check out my website… http://www.kristieleephotographer.com

3 Comments on “Otis and the Studio

  1. Dear Kristie,

    Long time since we met and you took some absolute fabulous photos of our beloved Askur (the pug) East 54th Street …. now to some dreadful trauma I have lost the pictures of Askur you took and hope you have copy’s to re-send to me

    otherwise … I’m in Iceland at the moment and returning to NY in mid Sep

    All v Best, / karl

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