Rhoda & Cooper

R&C- 175-176 kristie-lee-photographerRhoder profile  kristie-lee-photographerR&C- 110 kristie-lee-photographerCooper profile  kristie-lee-photographerR&C- 127 kristie-lee-photographerR&C- 145 kristie-lee-photographerkristie-lee-photographer rhoda & cooperdogs and the city kristie-lee-photographer copyThese two brown, black and white babies are true New York City Dogs. Rhoda was the first to adopt owners Chris & Bill. She was named after Rhoda Morgenstern, in the 70’s TV show, set in NY. Then Cooper was being fostered in the same building a few years later. When one day they all met in the elevator and it was love at first site. Cooper is the typical cheeky little brother, he will start nibbling on Rhoda’s ear to get her to play with him. He also loves to play competitive catch with her and will usually go for the steal. The highlight of the week is doggie nights on the roof in their uptown Harlem building. They get to play with all the other cool New York City pups, while their dads drink wine. These two also have some funny sleeping habits. While Cooper is known for his sneaky, stealth moves to get into the bed at night. He also likes to take naps on the couch, spread out on his back with his lips parted ever so slightly making him look like a little gremlin. Rhoda loves to stretch out against the wall making herself look like “Superdog.” She also loves to hang out on the bed and “hold court” when no one is home. She likes to serve as the canine mayor of Harlem and keeps watch over the neighborhood by looking out the French doors of the apartment. How do we know what they get up to when no one is home, you may ask?

“Doggie Cam” of course! 🙂


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