Puppy Bowl NYC

PPB- 191

PPB- 113

PPB- 126

PPB- 159

6 PB- kristie-lee-photographer

PPB- 029

3 up kristie-lee-photographer 2

PPB- 040

3 up kristie-lee-photographer 3

PPB- 044

3 up kristie-lee-photographer 1

PPB- 072

PPB- 069

PPB- 099

PPB- 162

PPB- 022

Last night was the 1st Annual Puppy Parties NYC, Puppy Bowl event. Held at the wonderful D Pet Hotels Chelsea. We had 20 puppies aged from 3 months to 11 months. Two teams, Team Wags and Team Woof. As you can see there was lots of cuteness and lots of fun all around. I got stomped on, jumped on, licked and kissed by all the players and loved it. Even though technically team Wags won, I think everyone wins having all these sweet fur babies in their lives now. So much fun to photograph and event like this.

Puppy Parties NYC.. http://www.puppypartiesnyc.com/

D Pet Hotel Chelsea… http://chelsea.dpethotels.com/

Denise Dog Training… http://www.denisenyctraining.com/index.html

NYC Pet Tails… http://www.nycpettails.com/

Kristie Lee Photographer… http://www.kristieleephotographer.com/


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