Baloo Barry



I met this little bear when he was just 6 weeks old, he was still being bottle feed and relying on his human momma Julia, for everything. Due to very unfortunate reasons he could not stay with his dog momma and Julia had to care from him 24 – 7 in the beginning.

This is why they have such a strong bond, Julia says… Bear bear doesn’t like to be cuddled or touched too much, though he can’t stand it if I am out of his sight. He’s my own personal stalker. He also loves laying on top of my car when we are getting gas. (Most of his life has been spent driving from NYC to LA). As Barry and I have gotten to know each other I’ve concluded that he is a bit of a drama king. But in a very mellow dramatic way. I liken him to what I imagine a southern founding father with a propensity for complaining and good hygiene would be like. He likes to quietly disapprove and loved the finer things in life. He acts like he hates it when I groom him but when I stop he whines. He’s s very particular boy and I love that he is his own personality and that when its all said and done he will always come to my rescue and be there for me when it counts.

I think next photo session we do id like him to wear a powdered wig! ❤

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  1. I absolutely love getting your Blog posts & these images are so so fabulous – I bet she loved every single one!!! Inspiring!! Xx

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