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Last night was The Doggy Olympics, hosted by Puppy Parties NYC. We gathered once again at the D Pet Chelsea Hotel in New York for a night of puppy dog fun and laughs.

We had team France that was mostly made up of French Bulldogs, team USA was very multicultural, as well as Germany and China. The events included a Marathon that took place on a treadmill, not all pups were that keen on this event. Mainly because it resembled a nail cutting bench. haha! There were also hurdles, balance beams and slides. Then the finale was the diving event and the teams choose one member each to represent the country. None of the athletes were really excited about this event either, except for Clover in team America. Even she needed a bit of a treat incentive to take the plunge!

Team France took out the overall event and the 3 individual winners were…..

1st place Teddy!

2nd place Bee Bee!

3rd place Clover!

Congratulations to the winners and all the pups for being sooo darn cute! ❤

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