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Dax profile  Kristie Lee Photographer

dax 3 kristie-lee-photographer

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dax- 222

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dax kristie-lee-photographer

Mr Dax is one of the funniest dogs I have ever photographed. As you can see from these portraits there is a huge personality in this guy. He loves Attention Cuddles “Stretchies” Being an active participant Changing the channel or turning off the TV Toys and trying to find out where his new toys are hidden Stealing Socks, going to the beach Being on a farm and herding cattle Walking through puddles on purpose and getting his white coat dirty with mud Hanging out with his friends at Doggie Day Care.

He will not go to the bathroom if someone is looking at him. Once Dax realizes it’s time to sleep, he immediately jumps on the bed to claim his spot. When he wakes up he lays on his back and asks for “stretchies” (have his legs stretched out and massaged). He likes to steal plastic knives and then peek out from behind a corner with the knife in his mouth. Whenever he figures out you are trying to take a picture of him, he looks away. He doesn’t like cleanliness – as soon as you put his toys away, he will take them back out and scatter them around the house where he originally had them. Loves to steal paper. Obsessed with paper. If it is paper, he must steal it. Even Money. He will crouch in the down position and then slowly move forward, inch by inch as if no one sees him until he reaches the paper, stretches out to grab it delicately from a corner using only his front teeth and then runs away with it and tears it up. In his mind, super secret mission – complete. While out on a walk, if there is the slightest wind he crouches down and walks as though he is facing a hurricane. Dax has to be involved in everything. He needs to know what is going on at all times and he has to be in the middle of the action. He needs to inspect anything and everything that comes into the apartment to give his seal of approval. If he notices something in the apartment is different (furniture moving or things changing place) he must also inspect and give his approval. If one is laying down on the couch, his favorite seat is not on the couch itself, but rather on your head. In his head, he believes he’s a fraction of his size. If he is sleeping on the couch and you wake him up, or accidentally touch him he will wake up and yap like a grumpy child.

There is never a dull moment with Dax especially with his super-expressive face and willingness to take on any adventure. Originally, he was supposed to be a Jack Russell Terrier mix and it was anticipated that he’d be half the size he grew to be. His bad-boy/ rebel without a cause personality paired with his never ending energy have proven to be a big challenge in raising Dax, but as his trainer pointed out “We often get the dog we need, not the dog we want.”. So true!

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