Dod- 021 retouched

Dodger profile  Kristie Lee Photographer

Dod- 072-073 group

Dod- 054 kristie-lee-photographer

Dod- 168 retouched

Dod- 001

I thought I would share a few of my posing people with pets tips here with this shoot with Dodger and is humans. I get asked a lot… How did I get the animal to do that?. Most of the time, I am waiting for the dog to look a certain way or getting them still and relaxed. The have the owners to follow direction and pose with them. Though, I am able to get the pets to look a certain way, with either a treat, toy or ball. My top 3 poses are shown here in the shoot…

  1. Get down low…

    Shoot low and using the feet and legs of the owners. This is another great pose for owners that don’t really want to be in the shoot and you can incorporate the background / environment from a different perspective.

  2. Owners look in the same direction as their pets…

    I do this pose because it gives more of a dramatic exaggerated feel to image, creating the illusion that the animal is posing for the portrait as well.

  3. Owners looking at their pets…

    I have the owner look at their pet smiling and animal look at the camera. This gives a natural, candid feel, looking like the image was just snapped in the moment.

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