Misty & Sebastian

0Z6H9677 copyMisty profile  Kristie Lee PhotographerSebastian profile  Kristie Lee PhotographerM&S- 046 20x16M&S- 110 20x16M&S- 085-111dogs and the city kristie lee photographer Misty & Seb
Misty and Sebastian luckily landed with a wonderful animal loving family on the upper east side of New York. Both were initially only going to be fostered temporarily with this kind family, already with 2 cats and the occasional injured pigeon as well. Then of course once each dog was there, no one could imagine them not being there forever. Sebastian is a Mommy’s boy and loves cuddles, snuggles and pats, he would sleep all day under the blankets if he could. Misty also loves sleeping in bed, preferably having her belly rubbed at the same time. This odd couple now have a happy story to tell and lots of love to give.

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