Qui- 189 B&WRusty profile Kristie Lee PhotographerQui- 259-262 loveQui- 254Rusty SD Kristieleephotographer cropRusty dogs and the city kristie lee photographer
This handsome blonde boy is Rusty and he is sweet, playful, loving and even a bit cheeky too. Rusty was desperately wanted by Sarah the second youngest of the 4 girls in his family. She picked him out of the litter and waited till he was old enough to come home. After 2 weeks of sleepless nights she sold him back to her dad for $1 and he has been dad’s boy ever since. He also gets along great with his 3 cat siblings and loves walks on the beach with his dad. Though Rusty does have a slight Kleptomaniac issue, he tends to collect shoes, bra’s and even underwear from everyones bedrooms. Then he leaves the items out on display, waiting till someone discovers him, because he loves being chased around the house. He really is just a big ute fluff ball of happiness.

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