typ- 028 kristie-lee-photographerTypo profile  Kristie-Lee-Photographertyp- 072 kristie-lee-photographertyp- 009 kristie-lee-photographertyp- 099 kristie-lee-photographerdogs and the city kristie lee photographer

So this week I started a new part-time job as a Dog Nanny to this little Gremlin called Typo. She arrived from the south 2 weeks ago and has had a hard time adjusting to city life. She wont walk on a leash and when left alone, she will bark and cry till you return. So thats where my professional puppy patting and cuddling skills come in. She is very sweet and more than happy to hangout with my while I work. Though she can be a bit bossy and demanding always telling me when she needs something, like cuddles, pats, ear rubs, belly rubs and more. Of corse I am happy to oblige with all these demands. ❤


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