O04A5866 Odin kristie_lee_photographer

Odin profile dogs_and_the_city kristie_lee_photographer Charlie.jpg

Odin kristie_lee_photographer 3

O04A6073 Odin kristie_lee_photographerO04A5906 Odin kristie_lee_photographerO04A6037 Odin kristie_lee_photographerOdin dogs_and_the_city kristie_lee_photographer

This little boy was found on a pet rescue website, he originally started life in Philadelphia, but was adopted by Stacy and Gerardo and came to live in Brooklyn. He spends his days going to dog parks and dog friendly bars, sharing his cuteness around town. The only time Odin stops smiling is when he sleeps. He is also a really fast learner, Odin learned to find a seat in within 2 hours of training. This is something they teach a 1 year old Guide Dog to do for a vision impaired person. He is about to make an other bg move with his humans and set up a new life in London, where I am sure he will continue to spread love and smiles around that city too.


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