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Miss Cookie Bryce, was always going to be one of the most photographed puppies around. Between her Mother and several of her Aunties being photographers, she has one of the most extensive portfolios at the age of 5 months. I really wanted to be able to capture all the different personalities Cookie has and the relationship her and Sue have. I think it is obvious in these images how much joy she has bought to Sue’s life, just by being her.

There really are 3 different Cookie’s…

There is the sweet smoochie, moochie, loving Cookie, that can’t get enough cuddles.
There is the little old lady pug, who potters around the house, helping Mummy with all her jobs. Very busy pug!
Then there is the completely crazy, relentless, mental were-rabbit that appears every evening from 6pm onwards, who runs around the place at top speed, only stopping if she manages to catch her little curly piglet tail or passes out from exhaustion.

Yes, I might be slightly obsessed with this little pug, but she really does have an amazing presence and just brings love and laughter to anyone she meets.

7 Comments on “Cookie

  1. So adorable! I’ve heard a lot about Cookie watching Sue on CreativeLIVE, it looks like you captured her well!

  2. OMG KRISTIE!!!!! one of your best posts yet!!! love love love it!! 😉

  3. I love these shots, would love for you to photograph my little pug Nigella

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