Me & My precious old pals

Sally 2 copyKristie lee photographer 01Kristie lee photographer 02Kristie Lee & Gemma 2 copyKristie lee photographer 05Kristie lee photographer 04Kristie lee & gemma tiger copyKristie lee photographer 03Kristie lee & gemma beach

Photo credits: Sandy Ferris aka my Mum….

This week I wanted to share my precious pet portraits from childhood and show how important these images are to me.
Being home in Sydney this month has given me the chance to go through all my old photo albums and remember how much I loved and treasure each one of these furry friends. Being an only child, Sally & Gemma and Tiger were my playmates and my confidants at times. Looking at all of these beautiful images caught on film forever, it fills my heart with love and joy as I remember the special connection I had with each one of them. This makes me even more passionate about wanting to capture and document the unique relationships we have with our pets. I don’t remember them as just animals, I remember them as living beings, I remember them as friends, I remember their soul and the gift of unconditional love they gave to me.

4 Comments on “Me & My precious old pals

  1. So beautiful, filled my eyes with tears and made me remember my cat Tommy and dog Medo who were my little friends and left me such beautiful memories from my childhood…

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