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I first met Gussy and Oliver 2 years ago when the whole family came into the studio for a portrait shoot. Oliver was only 6 months old and Gussy had a partner in crime called “Penny”. Penny who was also a Boston Terrier was a quiet a bit older than Gussy and unfortunately passed away a few weeks before we got to update their family portraits this year. Of corse Penny is terribly missed by everyone and we all felt her absence on the day of the shoot, but thankfully we captured some amazing images of her, Oliver and Gussy the time before. The bond between Oliver and Gussy is stronger than ever. As you can see from these images, they are best of buds. Oliver’s first word was not Mummy, but Gussy. They love Chasing each other around the yard, playing tug”o”war with toys.
As always, my heart just melts when I see how much love there is between a child and their dog.

One Comment on “Angus

  1. These Shots really do show the special bond between dogs and their owners

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